RV Bathroom Organization Idea

Update 10/12/2014: For those of you coming to this post from Pinterest and/or Buzzfeed – welcome!  I am truly amazed at how popular this little post has become since I first posted it, but it is a great, simple modification for the RV.  Feel free to check out more posts here on “camping,” “travel” and “RV” by looking under my “Fun” category at left, too.

Now on to my original post on this little helpful tip.  (FYI – we found this bathroom set at our local WalMart.)

As we continue to make preparations for our upcoming camping trip to the mountains in a few days, we made a decision to update all of our bathroom accessories in the RV to something a bit more attractive.  In the process, I also wanted to find a way to secure some of the taller items that we typically leave out on our bathroom cabinet.  While I initially had something in mind like a shallow tub with a bottom in it, my husband came up with an idea that we both really like now – a simple, matching towel bar!

Towel Bar for RV Bathroom Organization
Towel Bar for RV Bathroom Organization

This is just the perfect solution as far as we are concerned, and it looks so nice with the other matching accessories, including the toilet paper holder, a small hook, a round hand towel ring and a longer bath towel bar.  Our larger bottle of lotion was a bit too wide to fit in the gap between the towel bar and the wall, so we just bought the next smaller sized bottle.  Everything else fit perfectly, and we are once again very “happy campers!”

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16 thoughts on “RV Bathroom Organization Idea”

  1. Kingdom Blessings, I have for years wanted a RV. From my childhood, camping was always a joy. Yes, I was a girl scout, however, went camping way before I joined. I am now older, my children are grown. So it is time for me to live a dream and a desire. Since I know I shall be traveling much sharing the gospel; it just made sense along with being more cost effective to travel in this style. Currently, I am researching everything there is about RVing and especially storage ideas. In 2012, I had the chance to attend a RV show in West Palm Beach, FL. I have look at all types and sizes. I especially love the 5th wheel, However, concerned with safety, if I needed to drive away immediately, it would be challenging with a 5th wheel as I would have to leave the safety of the house and go to truck. In addition, I have found a new love the motor coaches; and then found another new love the coach bus…lol. In any event, The Lord shall give me what I need to do His work. I thank you again for the information and will look in your “fun” category. Blessings to you and you never know, just might see you on the road. Be safe and happy trails! Shalom!


    1. We like our motor home because we take our two big dogs along on most all of our trips, and we have plenty of room for them while driving. We also like the flexibility to grab a quick meal and always have a restroom nearby on longer trips. We opted to buy a smaller motorcycle to carry behind our rig, and this combination is working great for us so far. I understand your concern about being able to leave quickly when safety is a concern for whatever reason. In the areas where we travel, a quick change in the weather is probably our biggest concern from a safety standpoint. We met a park host last year, a woman who is single but loves to be a host, and she loved her motor home and tows her small car behind it when moving locations. Blessings to you in all your travels!


      1. Blessings to you, thank you for your response. I think it would be necessary to have an alternate form of transportation in tow for when you find a nice place that is secure you can leave the motor home and travel in your car or motorcycle. This will be something to add as a necessary tool. I look forward to traveling and who knows…just might meet up with you somewhere. Kingdom Blessings…janet


  2. I love the idea of the towel rack — but in our 32′ Journey we don’t really even have that much bathroom counterspace. It would work in the kitchen, if we didn’t keep so much other garbage on the counter.

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