Digging Out

We experienced our biggest snow storm in over thirty years!

The historic snow storm hit with a vengeance on December 26 and 27.  The forecasts turned out to be right on target, as we received 11.5″ of the white stuff.


Today, eight days after the snow stopped falling, we are still covered up at our house.  The melt-off has been painfully slow in our neighborhood, and we have not had any assistance in clearing streets that are not considered “major” streets.  While the overall response initially was nothing short of heroic, in my opinion, the extended response has been very problematic, if not just plain non-existent.

Hubby and I shoveled snow for three days last week in an effort to clear our driveway, part of the street and some of our elderly neighbor’s driveway and sidewalk so that we and/or her family could get to her, if needed.  Our street does not have thru traffic on it, so it is going to take a very long time for it to melt off at our present prevailing temperatures.  Our house faces north, so our front areas caught the brunt of the drifts that were caused by brutal winds of up to 60 mph at times.  I also had to buy a new pair of boots more suitable for this type of snow activity, after I pretty much ruined my one pair of Uggs in the snow.  Fortunately, I found a great pair of Michael Kors lined rubber boots on sale on New Year’s Day and even had a $20 off coupon to subtract from the sale price.  If you have to wear rubber boots, these are a great option, for sure.

2016-01-01 11.46.56-1
Michael Kors “Devenport” Rain Boots

All of the bad stuff aside, though, it was a truly beautiful snowfall with some epic drifts all around.  As a hobby photographer, I was so sad that I was unable to get out of the house to properly photograph some sights in the area as they were covered by the largest snowfall here in over 30 years, the third largest snowfall in the history of our area.  We ramped up feeding the birds in our yard, so I was able to take some delight in photographing them in the backyard as they dined on their feast of birdseed amid the rare snow-covered beauty.

We also had fun with the dogs, especially watching them maneuver the snow in their familiar backyard turf.  They had such a great time, once they got over some initial hesitation about maneuvering around the drifts.  They were like kids in a candy store, and we laughed and laughed at them throughout the week as they played hard outside in the white stuff.

The largest recorded snowfall here was in 1983, and we personally experienced that 16.9″ of snow and all of the many issues caused in our area at that time.  The second largest snowfall was in 1956 before we were born, so we can only personally compare this storm to the ’83 storm.  The main difference in the two historic storms was the wind.  The ’83 storm did not have the high winds to cause such problematic, but beautiful, drifts like this most recent storm caused.

The damage from the storm here is extensive, and Hubby’s company was just one of many that were hit hard.  Like many other businesses, including our big mall, sections of roofs collapsed under the large drifts that were caused in areas of roofs that were uneven, causing the snow to pile in up certain areas where it was trapped.  I heard this morning that some assistance may eventually be available to those that suffered storm damage, but so far, nothing has been made available, except coverage in effect from private insurance.

If such a historic snow storm had to hit, at least it hit during a week when schools were out of session for the Christmas holidays.  I doubt that schools here could have opened at all last week, due to the poor road conditions.  The snow started falling on Saturday evening, and we were not able to get out in our car until the following Thursday, and it was still problematic that day, too.  We just do not have the same snow removal resources that other northern areas have, nor does it make financial sense to have them to that degree.  However, we do need more than we have at this time, and that fact was made perfectly clear when so many emergency vehicles got stuck in the first two days of the storm.  Many individuals with four-wheel drive vehicles had to literally come to their rescue.  And, as to add insult to the injury in all of this, the city manager left town for the week, and the deputy city manager apparently never even showed up to the emergency operations center while it was activated.  There are already calls by prominent people in the community for their removal from their positions, which is quite understandable.

City officials anticipated that 20-30 people would die in this massive storm, but only one person died.  A homeless man was offered shelter by several different people and one care group, but he refused to come to the shelter anonymously.  There is not much that can be done in that situation, as he could not be forced to go.  Our elderly neighbors were appreciative of the fact that we had our motor home in front of the house, prepared to fire up the generator and take care of as many neighbors as possible in the event that we lost electricity.  Many areas suffered from outages, but thankfully, our neighborhood was good throughout the storm.  One neighbor across the street told us that she thought it might even be fun if we all had to bail out to the motor home together, and she even offered to bring food!  Who knows, it might have been pretty fun after all.

One more tragic result of this storm was the loss of many cattle throughout the panhandle area.  Dairy farms to the north have tragically lost thousands of head of cattle.  Closer to home, many cattle broke free from their fences by walking over them on drifts of snow or through them when they fell.  They took to the roads and even the freeways in town, and one herd was seen on a main road very close to where we live.  Another herd  showed up at a friend’s house that lives just outside of her small town not far away, but she was able to locate their owner through social media.  A group has now been created on Facebook to help reunite cattle with their owners in the area, too.

So, to sum things up at present, we are able to get out in our cars, even though the neighborhood streets are pretty problematic.  City and area officials have a lot to think about and change in their respective responses.  Many homes and business are dealing with extensive damage to roofs and water inside.  But, I’ve never been more proud of the private citizens here that came to the rescue of anyone that needed help during this difficult time.  So many people, especially farmers and ranchers, own 4×4 pickups, and *many* of them just spent those first days after the storm towing out stuck cars and transporting doctors and nurses to work.  We helped as we could, primarily helping our little elderly neighbor “weather the storm.”  Maybe someday, some nice person will do the same for us, if needed.

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Hunkering Down

A quick look back at Christmas, 2015 family deaths and preparing for the coming blizzard

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We had a good week with family and friends the entire week, and I am grateful today for all of these wonderful, loving and supportive people in my life.  It was also our first Christmas at home with both pups, as we were gone in the RV with them last year for Red’s first Christmas.  Just like two little kids, they got into a tussle over one of their new toys that our daughter sent them, and we finally just had to put it up!

2015 has been a tough, tough year and has thrown me for a loop more than once, especially losing three family members this year about four months apart throughout the year.  I never posted here, but Hubby’s brother also passed away in May after being ill for several months.  I lost my dear Mother last January and my sweet cousin in October, and both of these deaths were very hard on me, to be honest.

Mother ribbon sm


This year will soon be in the books, though, with fresh opportunities and experiences awaiting us all in 2016.  Life is too short to dwell on the past that is done and cannot be changed, but the future is there, just waiting to be savored each and every day, and I plan to do just that.  I also hope to get back into writing again more regularly as things begin to return to normal, whatever that is these days.  2015 was anything but normal, for sure.

As this year winds down and after a Saturday of hurried preparations today, we are in the very beginning of what will likely be a”historic winter storm” in our area that may drop anywhere from eight to fourteen inches of snow, with drifts of up to ten feet.  While we are quite familiar with the white stuff this time of year, these amounts are not the norm at all, and neither is the potential of widespread power outages.  So, as instructed by all of the weather authorities and public officials, we are preparing to weather the storm as best we can, including helping our little elderly next door neighbor to make sure she is prepared, too.

We had originally planned to travel in the RV this next week, so we were already mostly stocked up on food for the trip, and we also have holiday leftovers.  On Christmas Eve, Hubby made a quick run to the firewood store and bought some oak firewood, which is now sitting at the end of our covered back porch for easy access.  We also decided to keep our RV in front of the house for the duration of the storm, since it has a generator.  We could at least stay warm and offer shelter to our little elderly next door neighbor, if needed.  Since we had already filled the gas tank and the propane tank, we could manage quite well in the RV for several days, using both space heaters and the central propane heating system.  We also have a propane stove and battery lanterns that we can bring in the house if needed, too.

We are under a blizzard warning until Monday morning, and the storm has just begun to hit our area late tonight (Saturday) around 10 p.m. with rain and ice falling, then likely transitioning to snow overnight.  It will probably snow until sometime on Monday, if all goes according to what the forecasters are all telling us.  I think we are as prepared as we possibly can be, and I am grateful today for our RV as a backup to keep us safe and warm, if needed.  Camping tools do come in handy at times, and this situation is just one more reason to own an RV!

Hopefully our electricity will hold until the blizzard (or #snowpocalypse2015) is over sometime on Monday.  We have not had a storm like this in our area since 1983, if it all comes to pass as forecasted.  Please pray for those affected by the tornadoes in the Dallas area earlier this evening, too.  As I feared, some people have died there.  Texas is just wild right now, for sure.

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Snow Dove

Time is getting away from me in a hurry this year, so I will bid all of you nice friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at this time. May this be a meaningful season for you, filled with joy and gratitude for this precious gift that has been given to us all! — D

Animal Wonder

For my final post of 2014 here at Animal Wonder, I would like to share one of my favorite photos.  I am quite partial to this particular photo because it is one of two photos of mine that have been awarded first place ribbons in local competition.  The actual award-winning photo was a black and white version of this photo that still hangs in our home today in a simple black frame with a white mat.

Snow Dove

I enjoy watching and photographing our backyard birds at the bird bath and the feeders so much, but some photos are just more memorable than others.  This lovely White-winged Dove posed beautifully during a surprise snow storm in March 2010, and it sat there for the longest time, seemingly just relaxing and enjoying the scenery in the yard.

I gave this photo to friends and family on our Christmas cards the next year, the…

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Wordless Wednesday – Fun in the Snow

And looks who's the big dog now!
And looks who’s the big dog now!
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Slip and Slide

First Snow
First Snow

What a roller coast weather week we’ve had!  After the first two cold fronts moved through early last week, we went from 82 degrees on Monday afternoon to 19 degrees by Wednesday morning.  The temperature never broke the freezing mark for over sixty hours, then it hit finally 72 degrees on Saturday afternoon.

This morning it is a balmy…

First Snow 2

… 13 degrees and feels like *5* degrees!

Unfortunately, the roads are very icy, and four people lost their lives yesterday in our area due to traffic accidents.  The accidents occurred as the ice and snow fell yesterday afternoon, and hearing news like that always makes me so sad.  Hopefully, we will thaw out later this afternoon, but for now, I’m home with the pups and just enjoying some good coffee this morning.

The pups have had a ball in the snow, and I have laughed so much at their antics.  Red has pretty much gone crazy in the snow every time he has been out, and the cold and wet doesn’t seem to bother either of them.  Having this comical element in this frozen setting has certainly been fun.

We put up our Christmas tree and put up the outdoor lights on Saturday afternoon, and I may just spend the next couple of days decorating the tree and transitioning the house to holiday festiveness.  I’ve come to learn over the past few years that I truly enjoy the holidays even more when I can decorate the house ahead of time and not stress over rushing to get it done after Thanksgiving.  We are typically gone in the RV after Thanksgiving anyway, and getting ahead of the game just seems to help so much.  I also have to decorate my mother’s apartment, and she does not want her Christmas decorations up prior to Thanksgiving.  So, that is just one more thing on the to-do list after Thanksgiving.

I won’t decorate our dining room table and kitchen for Christmas yet, though.  I will keep those decorations reserved for Thanksgiving until after our trip.  We will be enjoying our Thanksgiving lunch at home, and I have been researching some new recipes to possibly prepare this year.  I’m not concerned about straying from my diet for just a day or two, but it would be nice to find a couple of diet-friendly side dishes to add to our food line-up.  One nice advantage to going camping after Thanksgiving is all of the walking and hiking that we get to do to help get rid of those extra calories we consume at lunch!

It’s time for another cup of coffee on this cold, cold morning!  Have a blessed day!

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Dear Ol’ Man Winter with your single digit temperatures, below zero wind chills, slippery ice and every other day snow showers. I am now properly prepared for you once again!  I even found these beauties for half-price, too.

New Uggs!

Yes, getting a brand-spanking new pair of Uggs is definitely a memorable day for me.  If this pair lasts as long as my last pair, they will probably outlive me.

Thank you, God, for toasty warm shoes at a bargain price!  😉

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Twas the Sunday Before Thanksgiving

Twas the Sunday before Thanksgiving, when all through the town
Not a creature was stirring, but oh, they did frown.
Mother Nature surprised them with a blanket of white
As they slept snug in their beds on that cold autumn night.

Sleet, ice and snow fell all over the land
So dry and parched and windblown with sand.
A few stockings were hung by some others with care
But St. Nick said it was too early for him to be there.

We arose from our slumber with a bit of a fright
And wondered what would happen when dark turned to light.
We surely had plans for this day yet to be,
But  icy roads and freezing temps changed our plans, you see.

Over coffee and breakfast, we discussed what to do
And decided that one thing was most definitely true.
This day would not be what we hoped it would be,
But perhaps be a good day to put up the tree.

So out came the tree from the attic above
And soon followed by the many ornaments we love.
Music was played on the sound system nearby
And we enjoyed the afternoon, which surely did fly.

Memory upon memory made its way back to mind
Of past years, kids and pets, and people so kind.
At the end of the day, we proclaimed just how great
It was to have had such a nice snowy break.

God always knows for us what is best,
  When we need a day for some peace and some rest.
So when snow once again finds its way to my door,
I will look forward to that snowy day all the more!  😉

Snow Dog
Someone loves eating the snow!

Snowy greetings to one and all!

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