Slip and Slide

First Snow
First Snow

What a roller coast weather week we’ve had!  After the first two cold fronts moved through early last week, we went from 82 degrees on Monday afternoon to 19 degrees by Wednesday morning.  The temperature never broke the freezing mark for over sixty hours, then it hit finally 72 degrees on Saturday afternoon.

This morning it is a balmy…

First Snow 2

… 13 degrees and feels like *5* degrees!

Unfortunately, the roads are very icy, and four people lost their lives yesterday in our area due to traffic accidents.  The accidents occurred as the ice and snow fell yesterday afternoon, and hearing news like that always makes me so sad.  Hopefully, we will thaw out later this afternoon, but for now, I’m home with the pups and just enjoying some good coffee this morning.

The pups have had a ball in the snow, and I have laughed so much at their antics.  Red has pretty much gone crazy in the snow every time he has been out, and the cold and wet doesn’t seem to bother either of them.  Having this comical element in this frozen setting has certainly been fun.

We put up our Christmas tree and put up the outdoor lights on Saturday afternoon, and I may just spend the next couple of days decorating the tree and transitioning the house to holiday festiveness.  I’ve come to learn over the past few years that I truly enjoy the holidays even more when I can decorate the house ahead of time and not stress over rushing to get it done after Thanksgiving.  We are typically gone in the RV after Thanksgiving anyway, and getting ahead of the game just seems to help so much.  I also have to decorate my mother’s apartment, and she does not want her Christmas decorations up prior to Thanksgiving.  So, that is just one more thing on the to-do list after Thanksgiving.

I won’t decorate our dining room table and kitchen for Christmas yet, though.  I will keep those decorations reserved for Thanksgiving until after our trip.  We will be enjoying our Thanksgiving lunch at home, and I have been researching some new recipes to possibly prepare this year.  I’m not concerned about straying from my diet for just a day or two, but it would be nice to find a couple of diet-friendly side dishes to add to our food line-up.  One nice advantage to going camping after Thanksgiving is all of the walking and hiking that we get to do to help get rid of those extra calories we consume at lunch!

It’s time for another cup of coffee on this cold, cold morning!  Have a blessed day!

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Author: DK

Blogger at My Five Fs (Faith - Family - Food - Fotos - Fun) and Animal Wonder. Empty-nester that now shares life with my hubby and our two standard poodles. Enjoys camping in our RV, taking and editing photos, trying new low-carb recipes, baking pretty decorated cookies for special occasions, walking daily, spending time with family and friends when we can, playing with the dogs, and is grateful to God for every single day of this blessed life and for the opportunity to share and connect with some great people here.

17 thoughts on “Slip and Slide”

  1. Hope the weather will be agreeable wherever you plan on taking the RV after Thanksgiving. It’s still pretty darn cold here in Galveston this morning. Thank goodness the sun finally appeared, if only for a little while.

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    1. Me, too! I’m ready to go again. Fortunately, we will be going a bit to the south, which helps increase our chances of getting away, unless the forecast calls for bad road conditions. I hope things warm up there for you quickly. It looks to be quite nice here this week, which is more the norm, for sure. Stay warm!


  2. Sorry to hear about the traffic fatalities in your area.
    Isn’t it fun the way animals just get high on life — and on the wonderful novelty of snow in particular!
    We’re still coming to terms with decorations and such for holidays…. :-\

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    1. I’m interested to hear how fellow RVers decorate for Christmas. Yes, the dogs had a big time in the snow earlier today before it melted. The pup didn’t want to come back in the house at all. The roads were so bad as the snow storm hit, and so sad about those that were killed.


      1. Last year along the Oregon Coast we didn’t see much because most of our volunteers weren’t very well off. And we didn’t have a lot of family campers at Christmas. After seeing what the Mississippians did for Halloween I’m really curious to see what we find in S. Texas. I’m just on pins and noodles to experience this winter — it will be so different from anything we are accustomed to.

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        1. I do have a particular interest in how to decorate an RV for Christmas this year… 😉 Hopefully some of you nice full-timers will share your solutions soon. The beautiful and colorful Hispanic heritage will no doubt be on display where you are headed, just as it is where we live. Enjoy the bright colors whereever you see them during the holidays. And if you can possibly make a quick trip to San Antonio anytime after Thanksgiving, by all means, go. The Riverwalk area is just amazing during the holidays, as is most of the city. I’ve been there once during the holidays, and I will always remember that beautiful sight. A weeknight visit is a bonus treat to help avoid weekend crowds during the season. You probably have your schedule in place already, but just in case you have a spare night or two, keep this in mind.


          1. Peggy is the decorator in our family and she has always gone bonkers over Christmas (by comparison to other holidays — still and all she’s pretty reasonable compared to SOME wives I know).

            Our last visit to San Antonio was also in December, and … not sure about a weekend. But there were way too many people for us (in general) and we didn’t even get out of the car to see the riverwalk up close. Might have been the day though.

            To be perfectly frank, we haven’t plotted out ANYTHING for our time there — other than being aware of the general area, and the location of Refuges. We really are trying to take this the way we would if we lived in any of these places: wake up in the morning, see if there’s something we want to do, or if we want to stay around the house, and then do…. that. We have toured and traveled enough of our life that going to see tourist attractions isn’t an attraction. But we do like to do things that the local residents do, and we like to see a modicum of history and things we find of interest at the moment — meaning 6 months later our interests could be different.
            And just because our time in San Benito ends in 3/31 doesn’t mean we HAVE to leave then. I have in the back of my mind an idea about San Diego in May — but that’s a far cry from a commitment and with our coupons and with a winter’s experience of Texas it may be more a matter of heat that tells us to move on, or being tired of any given social climate. We don’t have to be anywhere and I’m fighting every urge to lock us into anything. So San Antonio is still in the realm of possible as is a return here, or up through hill country, or over to the Big Piney, We’re just leaving all our options open –so suggest away. 🙂

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            1. “… so suggest away.” haha I love my state and always want visitors to have a good experience here. Will try to help with that as I can. To each his own, of course, but it just seems odd to me for so many winter visitors to bug out just as the beauty is coming out in the spring in so many areas. There is another group of visitors that always come to see the wildflowers in the spring, just like visitors travel up north to see the fall colors in the NE part of the country. Oh, and I hope you are prepared for the spring break crowd in March? South Padre is a “challenge” during that time, for sure. Hopefully you won’t be anywhere near there in March.


              1. While I’m thinking about it — what’s the origin of the expression “the Lone Star State” ????

                Peg’s cousin has told us about spring flowers and it’s something we have talked a lot about. If we do not make plans for San Diego we could possibly hang around for spring flowers. And if we do that the mitigating factor will be to stay until the temps rise above our comfort zone.
                We are forewarned about Padre. We’ll simply settle into something comfortable and by then we may have found places we want to visit regularly (weekly?) I can see maybe doing that with some of the refuges to see how the population changes from one to the other.

                As for those who bug out before the flowers — I can’t speak for many but I would suspect a lot has to do with plans in other parts of the country and the reality of travel time. For Volunteers in particular — most places will want you on site by mid April — so if you’re committed to a volunteer gig you run out of time….


                1. I believe the Mexican flag that was the prior flag to the one for the Republic had two stars on it, and when Texas became a Republic, they merged the star into a single star. Texas was known as a lone star republic, then a lone star state. At least that is what my memory recalls from history class in school. Might need to check that history for accuracy, though. One of the reasons I put up the RV trips map was to perhaps give visitors some further information on places to visit. I am absolutely astounded how many iconic places people pass up when they visit Texas. I guess they are not used to driving the distances that we just get used to or something. Palo Duro Canyon is one that comes to mind, but it is really not close to anything except for travelers headed east/west on I40. Davis Mountains SP is another one. Again, out in the middle of nowhere but not far from I10 either. I guess many just want to stick with the commercial parks or something and not be limited to a max two weeks at the state parks, since most do not have sewer hookups anyway. I’m already learning that many have different goals than we do when traveling by RV, and while that is not surprising in a larger aspect, it does surprise me that so many have such rigid plans in place and just fly by the places that many other people long to see. Big Bend National Park is yet another one. I could go on and on… To each his own. It is very interesting for me to read how everyone approaches their part time or full time RV experiences, for sure.


                  1. Thanks for the comment about the Lone Star — Peggy hit me with that yesterday as we drove around the area & I had no idea, and when I was writing back to you I hadn’t even thought to look it up.

                    Destinations are an odd sort of thing. I really want to see Big Bend Nat Pk — but when we bought this Class A I knew before signing the papers that we would be too long for ANY of their campsites — I have looked at and at 40′ we are too long. So that presents a logistic problem. Do we stay nearby — which really ISN’T very NEAR anything, and drive down by car for a day?

                    I am not sure I would have known about Davis Mountain — as one specific — had you not mentioned it in passing. With 90 state parks even spending 2 nights in each park would take 1/2 a year and that’s just talking about state parks — ignoring other sites that could be seen.

                    WE have been on the road now the better part of three years (with some months out babysitting the house during that ugly process), and in that time we have had 2 different coaches. I’m coming to terms with the fact that this coach means that we will travel somewhat differently than we did in the other 8′ make a lot of difference in availability. And 4 slides, it seems to me, suggest a longer stay in fewer places. It’s just kind of a ‘process’ thing. To me at least.

                    I don’t LIKE being scheduled our way in the future — but then I also don’t like not having a place to stay at the end of the days’ drive — and on occasions where we know nothing about RV’ing in a locale I’m more willing to lock in a reservation than to traipsing around in the dark looking for a place to park. I’m a wimp in that regard. And I hate when Peggy gets antsy about nothing being settled for the night.

                    For us, we had planned on 2 weeks in NOLA when Kathryn was going to meet us there. Then the remodel schedule messed up HER plans which changed OUR plans. Same thing here — with Peg’s family nearby there is some tension about how much time to spend with them, or whether to spend any time at all, and between us we do make compromises based on day-by-day conversations. Which is how we came to stay at Grenada 1 month instead of three nights!!!!

                    I sometimes wonder if the day will come when we are no longer able to RV and we still will not have settled into an actual RV travel STYLE 🙂

                    I’m happy just letting the place talk to us. We lost a night’s fee in NOLA by leaving early — but it was the right thing to do based on the winds. We’re going to Matagorda for a week based on another Volunteer’s suggestion and the fact that Peg wanted NOT to be around family during Thanksgiving — because this side of the family has it’s own plans and traditions and she would have felt like an odd man out. So, we had a suggestion, we had a need and even though we knew nothing about the place we decided to give it a chance. It’s only 7 days. And we’ve never been in that part of Texas. so why not?

                    I don’t know if there’s anything rational about OUR way of making travel plans. I’ve read other RV’ers who have traveled 12,000 miles in 3 or 4 months — to me that’s no fun. We told our family and friends when we sold the house that our goal was NOT to do a lot of driving. And that’s true. The first year I think we put on 2,0000 miles in 5 months or something like that. Then the opportunity to volunteer on the Coast — when living on the coast had been a LONG time goal of mine — so 3000 miles just to get there seemed easy enough (with detours along the way. But I would rather have taken 3 times as long.

                    We still have not figured out what we want to do about annual physicals. Do we want to drive the coach home every year? Do we want to put the coach in storage and drive the car every year? Or do we want to fly (not my favorite thing — and departure dates get messed up adding costs)

                    So, on our part, we’re still trying to figure out what we’re doing….


                    1. You and Peg seem to actually be a little more open to non-planned things by what I’ve observed, moreso than some others. Either way is good. I know our good friends are very focused on hyper-planning everything and it works for them. We always have a reservation before we head out anywhere, unless we know there are lots of open spots. Check out this campground for a visit to Big Bend, too. I don’t think the size of your rig would be an issue there. This is where we will stay when we finally get there in our own RV. We’ve been several times, just not in the RV.


                    2. This is interesting. I have searched using and what comes up is Chiso Basin, not Grande Village — SEE THIS IS WHY I SAY SPEAK UP! I MIGHT NOT HAVE FOUND THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP!


                    3. My recommendation is to always look at the actual park sites first and not rely on Call them, too. I did that many times when we first started out in our own RV three years ago. I also noticed that on occasion, that park may not have sites open for 40′ or longer. Just reserve ahead of time to grab one, even if you need to cancel the reservation later. I don’t know if you or Peg are on Facebook, but following individual state parks there is pretty fun and fascinating. I’m learning all about a state park only two hours away that apparently is an amazing park for birding! We still haven’t even been there yet.


                    4. I think the other thing to consider when listening to the plans made by others is that size of families can be a big complicating factor.
                      And then there just are those people who like to have every moment planned out. We tease our daughter that she should have been a cruise director because she likes planning other people’s lives — and that’s only 1/2 of a joke — because she really DOES! and when she comes to visit our time with her is far more structured than our time alone.

                      And maybe that’s part of the reason I blog — other than the enjoyment I get from sitting down each day to write. I say over and over again, ‘there’s no right way to RV’ — and perhaps to me that is just as much a statement of “I can’t understand how people can live like that” as it is a statement of “it’s ok to do the the things you want.” Cuz some people tire me out with their plans!!!!

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