If I had not had a flu shot back in October, I would absolutely swear that I just had a bad case of the flu!  😦

As I briefly mentioned in my previous posts, I started feeling bad a week ago with upper respiratory issues and fever.  Since then, it progressed on to a really bad gastrointestinal thing and more fever.  On Sunday, it quickly went from bad to very bad, and I am grateful that my husband was around to fetch Pepto Max and Lemon Lime Gatorade.  I just didn’t have any strength on Sunday and barely got out of bed all day.  I also got pretty dehydrated after about 12 hours, at which point he made me start sipping the Gatorade.  If not for that, I think I probably would have made a trip to the ER… it was really that bad.

As of this morning, though, I am finally feeling a bit better and can eat some solid food again.  The achiness is still really bad, so I’m going to try to soak it away in a warm jacuzzi tub today.  I also missed two days of daily photos, so I will try to just make those up sometime today.

I hope to bounce back quickly in the next couple of days because we are leaving town for our vacation on Sunday!


12 Days of Christmas Gifts

My 12 Days of Christmas gifts arrived last night!  Since I will be out-of-town for a week, my special “elf” said that I can start opening some of them now!

4-365 12/2/10 Twelve Days of Christmas

This is a decades-long tradition that a special out-of-town friend and I have enjoyed… sending twelve “Pre-Christmas” gifts to countdown to the big day.  They are just smaller gifts, sometimes even from the dollar store, but I wouldn’t trade for all the years of fun and joy it has brought to us.

And one thing I know for sure… I will always give (and will always receive) a box of Hot Tamales candy.  Long story.  Maybe those will help to rid me of this lousy cold and sinus infection.  😉

Fun times!

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