Creole Mirepoix

The start to so many great dishes!

I’m not sure I enjoy savoring anything more than the colorful look and the fragrant aroma of a nice Mirepoix (meer-PWAH).  My personal favorite is a creole variation with red bell pepper, and I also like equal parts celery and onion in mine.

Sautéing mirepoix is the first step in making our traditional Southern cornbread dressing, and I’m pleased to share these photos today as a part of the daily prompt, “aromatic.”  I only wish I could also share the actual aroma here, too.  Ahhhh!


Even though we will be dining out with family and friends this Thanksgiving, I still had to make a pan of our traditional dressing because it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving to me without it, even if we enjoy it in the days after the holiday.

Dressing is not difficult to make, and over the past few years, I’ve convinced a few friends to ditch the store-bought dressings in favor of their own homemade versions, especially since most everything can be done ahead of time.  Tomorrow, I hope to share my recipe here, complete with step-by-step photos, but today, I will just enjoy the aroma of this fabulous mirepoix!

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Author: DK

Blogger at My Five Fs (Faith - Family - Food - Fotos - Fun) and Animal Wonder. Empty-nester that now shares life with my hubby and our two standard poodles. Enjoys camping in our RV, taking and editing photos, trying new low-carb recipes, baking pretty decorated cookies for special occasions, walking daily, spending time with family and friends when we can, playing with the dogs, and is grateful to God for every single day of this blessed life and for the opportunity to share and connect with some great people here.

4 thoughts on “Creole Mirepoix”

  1. The problem with wonderful recipes at this point in life is that we don’t have enough people to make them, and eat them, in a timely manner. Cooking was interesting in a different way when we were young than it is now. In those days we could cook up a storm & eat it too. Now the doctor has us on short rations, of things we once wouldn’t have considered eating at all. Oh well…. Still — we eat first with our eyes and our noses — and it’s grand to have the house smelling of sautéing mirepoix! or Cinnamon rolls! or a big ole tomahawk steak. Yup. Yup. I’m glad I still have my eyes and ears. Cuz my tummy’s been put out to pasture. Actually, there are days when my stomach thinks my throat’s been cut!

    (I’m salivating)

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    1. Well, I understand having to watch what I eat these days. This dressing is almost like dessert since I don’t allow myself to eat it except during the holidays. Following a low carb diet is working well, and I’m happy with it and how it’s keeping me healthy and avoiding the diabetes and heart disease that runs in my family. I get to splurge a little during the holiday season, as long as I quickly get back on track and keep walking every day. Wish I could tolerate breads and sweets better than I do at this stage of life but it is what it is. Lower carb options are available for both, thank goodness.


      1. Low Carbs / High Protein are the only diet that have ever helped me lose weight. At the moment I’m happy to simply hold my own for another week. Then back on the program for three weeks before the 2 week holiday season.

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