Wordless Wednesday – A Fair Evening




Wordless Wednesday – You’re Too Slow, Buddy!


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Wordless Wednesday – “Little Ferdinand”


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Fair Fotos – Animals

I had the better part of one full afternoon at our fair this year all alone with my camera, which was a treat for me.  And the day ended well, too, since my husband met me there after work for dinner and to attend a free concert.

Unfortunately, I picked an afternoon when the big barns were empty, as it was the day between competitions.  I was so looking forward to taking more cute goat pictures, but it was not meant to be.  The only animals on exhibit  for competition were the rabbits, so I spent some time in that area taking pictures.  Here are just a few of the photos I took.  They are such adorable little creatures one and all!






This last bunny just cracked me up.  I won’t even speculate why he was trying to hide under his red water cup.

I then headed over to the Children’s Barnyard for a few quick photos… and to pet a few cute animals, of course!


Look at the bird on the right… happy dance maybe?



Finally, there were these cute little guys.  I’m not a big fan of dressing up animals, but these geese seemed happy as… clams?  Their owner took them walking around the fairgrounds at various times during the fair, so they got plenty of attention.  I was pretty amazed at how well they were trained, too, although one did peck at my knee when I got a little too close.  No harm… no fowl. 😉



I also took some long-exposure shots after dark in the carnival area, and I’ll share those in my next post!

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Let The Fair Begin!

Tomorrow is the big day… the day our regional fair begins this year!

What’s not to love about this great event anyway?  Food… rides… food… animals… food… photos… food… exhibits… food… shows… food… family… food…

Well, you get the “picture.”

But just in case you didn’t, here are a few of my favorite pictures from last year’s fair… emphasis on “cute.”

Pygmy Goat 2009; This little guy was literally begging to have his picture made.
Baby Duck 2009; I love this photo so much, the elderly hands, the baby duck.
Goat Competition 2009; These guys kept a very watchful eye on me before they hit the competition ring behind them.  Why do I love goats so much anyway?

I managed to take a few photos last year when I was not cramming various tasty food items in my mouth.  Life is short… priorities must rule at the fair.  Dieting immediately follows.  😉

I’ll try to do better this year.

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