Fabulous Friday!

Maybe the best collection of dance scenes… ever!

I’ll just leave this right here… maybe the best collection of famous dancers in the history of movies.

Happy Friday! 😀

Reconnecting With Friends

Once again, life seems to be in just a bit of upheaval here again, but thankfully, it is nothing like we had back in the winter when my mom fell and broke her hip.  It is more a confluence of little things and slightly larger things that are taking my precious personal time that I try to guard as much as possible until circumstances demand some of it.  I am missing my quieter mornings right now, for sure, but hopefully things will return to normal soon, too.

I managed to take some time off earlier today to reconnect personally with a high school friend who is in town for a couple of weeks to see her elderly parents.  We have not seen each other in person since 1976, although we reconnected a few years ago on Facebook.  My friend and I met for a tentatively scheduled two-hour coffee visit at Starbucks, and four and a half hours later, we had to finally cut off our visit with the hope that we will be able to get together one more time before she leaves to return to North Carolina.

On my drive home, I felt especially blessed to have been able to reconnect recently with so many long-lost friends from my younger days, and I have been truly amazed at how we have all been able to pick right up where we left off.  The love and caring concern is still there in every reunion, and I realized that I have so many dear friends, even though we have been apart for decades.  I have also been amazed at how similar a path many of us have walked in our respective lives as far as life challenges, too.

Today, my friend and I discovered that we share several similar family struggles, including one that is quite unique.  This certainly helped to fuel the discussion for our extra long visit, but we also found that the friendship that we enjoyed in high school was founded on such a solid foundation that we will likely be dear friends the rest of our lives, despite the fact that we live hundreds of miles apart.

There are days that God sends such a special treat my way when I need it most, and this was one of those days, a special reunion with a dear friend that blessed me in such a wonderful way!  I am especially grateful today, and I have cried tears of joy… always a good thing.

This beautiful song has been a favorite of mine for decades, and it expresses my heart so perfectly today where my friends, both new and old, are concerned.  May it bless you richly today.

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What I am sharing today is probably more for me personally than for you, dear reader. I was a part of this wonderful conference this past weekend, and I want to share it here for keeps.

We laughed together, especially about salsa.

We cried together, when many women accepted Jesus Christ.

We worshiped together, in loud and perfect harmony.

We prayed together.  I will never forget Mary’s prayer.

We hugged together. A total stranger totally blessed me.

I fell in love with Jesus all over again, and I have been powerfully reminded once again of whose I am. God works in mysterious and not-so-mysterious ways each and every day, and my cup of gratitude absolutely overflows once again today.  I can only imagine what Heaven will be like one day, after singing along with 7000 other women in unison praise this past weekend.

Our lesson for these two days was based on the first chapter of John, and it was a timely one for me.  May it never leave my mind or my heart.

“You’re all I need to feel alive.  This heart has FOUND its’ home.”
— “Found” by Travis Cottrell

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Rain, Rain – Glorious Rain!!!

The weather forecasters finally got one right.  Up to this point in the year, we have only received .9″ of rain in our continuing drought.  Our area has been in a horrible drought since 2011, but as of this weekend, it looks like we will be getting some much-needed, slow falling, glorious rain!  Overnight, we received just under 2″ of rain at our house, and the weekend forecast shows that it will rain all the way through Monday!

And all the West Texans said… “Thank you, God!”  🙂

Praying for rain is just a given here, especially since 2011.  Along with praying for family members and a few friends every day, praying for rain is one of the continuing items on my daily prayer list.  Sometimes it has been tough to say that particular prayer, too, especially when we have gone for so long without a drop.  Today is providing a big lesson on the persistence of prayer, and I stand encouraged, and grateful, once again.

I spent some wonderful time this morning just sitting on the back porch, listening to all the birds sing their own songs of praise and watching the robins feed on a feast of worms in the backyard once again.  I could hardly keep from joining them in singing, but I didn’t want the neighbors to think I had lost my mind.  😀

My Facebook feed literally blew up this morning with praises to God for the rain, and it was wonderful to see.  Young and old were expressing their gratitude, and it made me very happy to know that others felt the sincerity of what I felt on this beautiful, wet morning.

Persistence in prayer is not an easy thing… at all.  But when that particular prayer is answered, even in part, it is a beautiful thing to behold.  This is where my heart is today… uplifted and so very thankful!  As I walk through some other “droughts” in my life, I can stand on the assurance that God indeed hears my prayers and will act in His perfect timing.  I just need to keep the faith.

I have been singing this song (in my head) all morning… and maybe in the shower… and the kitchen. 😉  May it also be a blessing to you today where you are struggling in your own heart.

We will most definitely continue to pray for rain, even after this most welcome rain event.  It will take a lot of rain to turn around this horrible drought, but for now, several small communities in our area will hopefully get a reprieve on their immediate water issues, as some of them were down to less than 90 days of water.

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