It’s So Hot…

It’s so hot right now…

… our tropical plants are begging to come back inside the house because they can’t take the heat.

… the weather forecasters underestimate the high temperatures for each day in the weekly forecast.  They never, ever, ever forecast 105 degrees or higher, and that’s probably  a blessing in disguise for us, even if it is living in denial.

… I feel like breaking out in song when a random cloud actually blocks the sun for a few seconds.

… the dogs think they’re being punished when it’s time to go to the backyard to do “business” in the afternoon.

The dogs were not happy as I made them sit outside in the heat to take their picture after their recent grooming.  Girly Girl’s expression (on the left) pretty much says it all.  But that’s $178 worth of grooming sitting right there and definitely warrants at least a photo. 😀

… we can’t even escape to the mountains a few hours away because it’s as hot there as it is here.

… running errands anytime after 10 a.m. is not a pleasant experience, and getting out between 3-6 p.m. is… well… just a little crazy.  I never said we weren’t a little crazy, though.

I don’t function well when it’s 113 degrees outside, and getting in a car that’s been sitting in the sun outside a store in this kind of heat is a near-death experience.

… unshaded playground equipment can reach temps up to 188 degrees.  Truth!  There was a report on the morning news today that proved this fact.

… firing up the oven, or any other heat producing appliance, just does not happen.  At. All.  This is officially “dining out” season.  After all, we need to help support all those businesses that are missing the college kids this summer, right???

… clothes dry in half the time by simply hanging them outside vs. using a regular clothes dryer.  This a really good thing, since using the dryer inside the house is really not an option anyway.  Dryers produce heat, and we also need every penny we can save to put toward our electric bill to run the life-sustaining A/C.

… RV travel is not even a fleeting thought in our minds right now.  We are not gluttons for unnecessary punishment.  One time, we actually RV camped down in the canyon at Palo Duro Canyon State Park in July, which is quite possibly the hottest place in the universe in July.  This was in our young and foolish days about four years ago, and we quickly learned that we’d made one of the worst decisions of our married life.  Thankfully, we survived.

… living in a grotto is pretty much a requirement.  Curtains closed, lights off, doors opened as little as humanly possible equals a winning plan.  If I didn’t know otherwise, I would swear everyone in town is away on vacation.

… the birds fight for drinks from the hose dripping water under our big tree.  I’m really not sure how much water is actually making to the tree roots for that reason.  I would run their birdbath, but the water actually gets too hot for them to drink!

… I’m not sure how we actually survived in our house before we had our solar attic fan installed a few years ago.  That thing is a blessing straight from Heaven.

… Facebook friends regularly post about how miserable our state is this time of the year.  They are absolutely correct.  In fact, some of the funniest weather memes ever show up this time of year for that reason.

… the grocery stores put Gatorade front and center for customers to find easily.

… the patches of milkweed in our backyard are finally dying a slow death.  Bye, bye.

… spending time reading a good book in the afternoons provides a nice break from the heat.  I can even pretend I’m back in elementary school earning more sticky stars for my summer reading chart.  (FYI, I’m reading The Lunar Chronicles books, thanks to the recommendation of my sweet librarian friend and an unexpected $30 settlement credit from Barnes and Noble that paid for the first four ebooks.  Nothing like free summer entertainment!)

lunar chronicles books
I’m halfway through reading these four books, and what a creative and delightful read they’ve been so far, a perfect summer book series.


… mowing the yard, even early in the morning, is a real sweat-producing workout.  I willingly took this chore on myself a few years ago and…

What. Was. I. Thinking!!!

Still, I haven’t missed a week of mowing yet this season with my brand spankin’ new lawn mower, and I’m now thinking that I’m pretty much Wonder Woman for doing that.  We’ll see how the rest of the summer goes.  If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to head over to Chick-Fil-A for a large diet lemonade when I’m done.

… I’m remembering fondly the crippling foot of snow we received back in early January… yes, the same one I fussed and fussed about for more than two weeks afterward.  Oh yes, yes, yes… please bring it back already!  I’m pretty sure the dogs would agree, too.

… we were inspired to finally make plans for our fall RV travels while also hoping that the usual break from the stifling heat actually shows up in September.  Sometimes the heatwave surprises and lasts well into October, though, so we are hedging our bets and headed north once again on our next long trip after Labor Day.  The mere thought of temps in the 70s during the day and in the 30s overnight in just a few weeks makes me feel all giddy inside.  We will even need to take coats!

We are so ready to get this RV show on the road again!


There is actually a tiny glimmer of hope for a bit of a break from this weather madness this week.  Supposedly, we actually have a little chance of rain, and the high temps will only be in the low 90s???  If so, it will feel like winter has returned because that is over 20 degrees cooler than some days we’ve had lately!  Hope is always a good thing, and we’ll gladly take whatever relief we can get at this point.

Sometimes we just need to laugh a little and just get through the day as best we can.

Stay cool, friends.  This heat wave, too, shall pass.

I hope.

Change Is a Comin’

Out with our old RV, in with a new one.

I’ve been AWOL for a bit.  Life has just been busy, but thankfully, it’s been mostly good things happening in life and just lots of the ordinary business of life.

I’ve started both dogs in weekly agility classes, and we are only three weeks into it.  I have to take them separately, so two mornings each week are involved in this new adventure.  The dogs are doing just fine and having fun.  Their handler (me)… is definitely like teaching an old “dog” new tricks.  It is a good challenge and good exercise, both physically and mentally.  I keep telling myself, “If the dogs can do this, you can, too!”  I’ve watched each one have to overcome a certain level of fear, and it is very inspirational to see them do it as we learn each new apparatus.

Of course, there was some financial business to tend to toward the end of tax season, as we had to file our return and the final return for my mom.  Thankfully, we only owed a grand total of $132, a nice relief, for sure.

The big news for us is a decision we made shortly after our good friend passed away a few weeks ago.  If you read that post, you will recall that he and his wife had just purchased a brand new fifth wheel and pickup, as they were starting the process of easing into retirement over the next two-three years.  His death in a freak vehicle accident hit both of us hard.

Prior to our friend’s death, we had already begun discussing selling our current RV and looking for something larger and better suited to traveling with two large dogs.  We are still at least seven years or more from retirement, but we felt that it might be a good move to go ahead and upgrade to start that “easing” process ourselves a little more.  We know that we always want to travel by RV, but we are still unsure of the level of RV travel we want after we retire.  We don’t have to make that decision for a long time either.

After we said goodbye to our friend, it was just pretty amazing that we both recognized that we were ready to take that next step without further delay.  The next time we even brought it up, we were both ready to proceed with that plan not delay it a few more years, as we previously planned to do.  Our minds were on the same page, and it was time to start looking.  That was easier said than done because Hubby had two overseas trips planned, so I would have to do most of the searching.

To summarize the last month, he traveled and I shopped for a new RV, mostly by looking online and in person at a few locally.  The process was frustrating as each one in our price range seemed to have issues we did not want in our next RV.

Finally, I found an RV online that looked promising about five hours away and made a very quick driving trip to go see it in person.  I knew it would likely be snatched up quickly and wanted to not miss the opportunity to get it by waiting until Hubby returned from his trip to go see it in person.  I even braved a pretty wicked wind/dirt storm on the back of a supercell thunderstorm on the drive home and had to briefly pull over on the side of the road until I could see to drive again.

I took lots of pictures and emailed them to Hubby, and the next day, I called the dealer back to tell him we wanted to buy the RV.  They have been great to work with us and the fact that Hubby has been out of the country, and we are scheduled to go pick it up next weekend.  Hopefully, it will pass the final inspection with no issues, and I honestly am not really concerned about that.  I spent almost three hours looking things over when I was there, and we tested all of the major systems.

We sold our motorhome yesterday to a man we’ve known for a couple of years that has admired it all that time.  We felt that he might want to buy it if we told him we were ready to sell it, and such was the case.  It was a brief negotiation, and we actually made $500 more than we paid for it upfront in 2011, a fair price for both of us, considering the fact that we have taken such good care of it and improved it in many ways.

Farewell, old friend!  You were a great ride for the past five years!  Sacramento National Forest, Apache Campground @ 8000 ft., Cloudcroft, New Mexico, 2015


I’m ready to upgrade, but I confess that I will miss this classic RV that didn’t even have a slide out.  It served us well as we learned the ins and outs of traveling in an RV, and we will always cherish the many memories we shared with family, friends, our dogs and many great people we met on our travels.  We are sending it on to a couple that will continue to take care of it appropriately as they learn the ins and outs of RV ownership for the first time, and we will still get to see it fairly regularly, too… a win/win situation.

As long as the final inspection goes well, we will be upgrading from a 31′ low-mileage RV with no slides to a 38′ insanely low-mileage RV with one large slide in the living room.  It is in such great condition, almost new in many ways, and it felt almost cavernous to me as I walked around it with the slide out.

We are excited about starting chapter two of our RV journey soon in a motorhome that we could truly live in, if we wanted to do so for awhile.  It will be a good experience to see if we might be suited to full-time or part-time RV living a few years “down the road.”

We have also not traveled in our RV as much over the past couple of years, and we both want to get back to getting out more regularly again.  Having the additional room with the dogs will help, for sure, and having life settling down a bit from the issues of the past couple of years will hopefully help, too.  We need our quiet time to refresh now more than ever.  And even if we get there and this one doesn’t pass our inspection, we will continue to search until we find another one.  We’re feeling pretty good about this one, though.

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Wordless Wednesday – New Camera and Lenses

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And looks who's the big dog now!
And looks who’s the big dog now!
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