Snow Dove

Time is getting away from me in a hurry this year, so I will bid all of you nice friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at this time. May this be a meaningful season for you, filled with joy and gratitude for this precious gift that has been given to us all! — D

Animal Wonder

For my final post of 2014 here at Animal Wonder, I would like to share one of my favorite photos.  I am quite partial to this particular photo because it is one of two photos of mine that have been awarded first place ribbons in local competition.  The actual award-winning photo was a black and white version of this photo that still hangs in our home today in a simple black frame with a white mat.

Snow Dove

I enjoy watching and photographing our backyard birds at the bird bath and the feeders so much, but some photos are just more memorable than others.  This lovely White-winged Dove posed beautifully during a surprise snow storm in March 2010, and it sat there for the longest time, seemingly just relaxing and enjoying the scenery in the yard.

I gave this photo to friends and family on our Christmas cards the next year, the…

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Bird’s Bath

One of the best entertainment purchases we have made in recent years was the birdbath that sits on our back patio… in a strategic spot for photo shooting from inside our house through the patio door and windows.  Here are my most recent captures, taken on Monday morning.  The bird taking the bath certainly had a good time while the second bird just sat and observed it all.  These birds are such a hoot to watch!

First, there were three.
I took a quick pic while I was slowly moving in closer…

Bird Bath_5606
Then, there were just two…

Bird Bath_5610

Bird Bath_5616
Then, it was big splashy bath time… water went everywhere!

Bird Bath_5614
All clean.

Bird Bath_5625

What a nice way to start off a Monday!  😀

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