My New, Old Fashioned Coffee Pot

Fall camping is right around the corner for us again!  We have not boon-docked on our camping trips so far, except for one quick night in route to another destination.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks, though, we will finally make our first boon-docking trip.  The campground will have some facilities nearby, but no direct hookups will be available for our RV.

Since I have a fairly slow week this week, I’ve been working on some of the changes that we need to make for this next trip.  Even though we have a good Onan generator, we are going to try to use it as little as possible on this trip, since the hours are pretty limited for generators in the campground anyway.  We are looking forward to “getting away from it all” a bit more on this trip, and we don’t mind being without a few conveniences to do that.  I will confess that I will likely miss using my crock pot on this trip, though.  Crock pots are so great to use when we go camping in our RV.

One of the first things that has stood out to me is the fact that all of our small appliances will not work unless we run our generator.  Even though we are planning to use our propane stove inside and the propane grill outside for our meal preparations, we are still left with no way to brew our coffee, since we only have an electric coffee maker in the motor home.  Doing without our morning coffee is just not an option for us, as we really enjoy our morning coffee before and with breakfast when we go camping.  So, I started looking for other options.  I considered buying VIA instant coffee, as those single serving packets are actually quite good when mixed in hot water.  But, after doing a bit more research, I decided to opt for a more traditional camping solution by buying a camping percolator at Gander Mountain.

Camping Percolator – Red

Isn’t this the cutest thing?  I’ve never owned a traditional percolator in my life, but I remember my parents using their percolator on the stove every morning.  I could not remember specifically how to use one, so I looked up instructions on the internet, reading several different posts to make sure I got consistent instructions.  We only brew premium coffee in our big coffee maker at home and when camping, so I don’t ever want to waste any coffee if I can help it.  I simply bought a pound of fresh coffee and had the Barista grind it for the percolator with a coarse grind, which is the grind that this type of coffee pot needs.  I also used a regular coffee filter in the basket for the grounds and just gently cut a small hole with a sharp knife in the center to fit it tightly on the stem.  This may be an unnecessary step, but I wanted to make sure that no grounds got in the coffee.

Percolator Basket with Regular Filter

For this first pot, I used six Tbsp. coffee, six cups filtered water and brewed it for six minutes, commencing that time when the water in the lid just started to turn brown.  After the coffee finished brewing, I removed the pot from the burner and let it sit for a couple of minutes to let the coffee finish dripping from the basket.  At that point, I just removed the basket, replaced the pot lid and put the pot back on the burner turned down to the lowest heat setting.  This was really good coffee, too.  I like my coffee hot, and sometimes our drip makers don’t brew the coffee hot enough for my taste.  Lukewarm coffee was not an issue at all with this cup.  Yum!

Watching coffee percolate for the first time in more than thirty years actually brought back some nice memories of family and waking up in the mornings as a kid to the smell of fresh coffee on the stove.  It also reminded me of classic Maxwell House commercials that we saw on TV growing up.

I just love the sight and sound of percolating coffee.  We will certainly enjoy having our new, old-fashioned coffee pot on our next RV trip, and my cute little red percolator may have to stay here at home when we aren’t camping, too.

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8 thoughts on “My New, Old Fashioned Coffee Pot”

    1. Well, I’m not the expert yet, for sure! 😉 But just like most coffee makers, I think a lot depends on the type of coffee, the grind, and how long you percolate it in your pot on the stove. This coffee got a bit stronger as I let it sit on the stove on a warm burner, too. I trust our local coffee shop and the Baristas there to give us recommendations, as they are always good to give us suggestions. I think one thing to watch out for is percolating it too long and having coffee that is pretty bitter as a result. Good luck!


  1. If you buy a small mesh strainer that fits over the top o fyour cups, you can eliminate the need for paper filters in it. It might be called a “tea strainer”. I have two and they are great when pouring out coffee from a cafetiere to keep the grinds out.


  2. You struck a note with this one.
    When we downsized and realized our RV didn’t have a built in coffeemaker we were perplexed. (Well, it did have a built in coffeemaker when it was made in 2002 — but that must have died because just the brackets were left when we bought it, and we could never find a replacement in the right dimensions).

    Not wanting a glass pot, and not using our propane stove very often — opting instead to use a single burner INDUCTION hob — we needed a pot that was magnetic — no aluminum would work on the induction burner.

    We bought a Farberware percolator and loved it. It lasted about 1 year until the stem broke — 2 piece percolating stem not good… so went in search of another percolator.

    Bought a Cabela’s percolator (in stainless) — saw the one you bought but ended up with the stainless one. But after less than 90 days the plastic bubble top loosened up so much in the lid that it fell out every time we washed it. So we took it back.

    We considered all sorts of options until Peg remembered seeing an all stainless FRENCH PRESS at a local coffee shop. That was it. We love french press coffee, but the glass pots were an issue in the RV… Finding one that had no glass pot was a priority. We bought that (made by La Cafetiere) a couple weeks ago and have never been happier!

    I’m hoping your percolator will last longer than ours. Who woulda thought that a stainless percolator would have a short life? I sure didn’t. But am very happy with it’s replacement.

    A retired photographer looks at life from behind an RV steering wheel.
    Life Unscripted


    1. We want to get a french press, too. I think those must be the best way to prepare a good cup of coffee by everything we have heard. Like you, we are a little wary of carrying a glass carafe with us, but I think we will get one sometime soon to use both at home and in the RV on occasion. We still like the little red percolator a lot, though. It really does make good coffee, if we buy good coffee to perk in it. We also carry a small Keurig in the motor home now, and we keep a bigger one at home. That way everyone gets the cup of coffee, or other hot beverage, that they want. I like this because I prefer a different coffee from my better half, and our son likes his own blend when he comes along on occasion. But, it’s always fun to get out the percolator, too. I just add a little hot water to my cup when we use it.


      1. Well, here the issue of everyone getting what they want isn’t so much of an issue — after 45 years together Peg and I are pretty much of the same opinion about what we want for a culpa.

        We would like just a little larger pot — the La Cafetiere only does 32 oz. of coffee — but it is by far the best coffee we have made at home in decades. The first two pots were a bit iffy — we adjusted our grind (coarser) and had to make a second adjustment so that we weren’t getting mud in the bottom of the cup. But it works for us.

        I don’t remember how long your RV is — we’re living in 32 feet and have very little expendable space, so a countertop unit isn’t in the cards, nor is a countertop grinder. We have a hand powered burr grinder that does the job for us.

        Prior to this our favorite had been the classic Chemex all glass drip — but the glass scares us in the RV. So this seemed to be best for us.

        Great Drinking!



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