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We should have been working on our RV today in preparation for an upcoming trip, but since the wind was blowing like a mini-hurricane for most of the afternoon and kicking up dust everywhere, we decided to take a break today and give it a try tomorrow afternoon instead.  So, while the day was a bust in that regard, and a very dusty one at that, it was nice to get a little unexpected break from the trip preparations.  It also gave me the opportunity to write something that I’ve been meaning to share here for a while.

In September of last year, I shared a tip on my blog about something we did in our RV’s bathroom that solved the dilemma of what to do with the taller bottles that we like to leave sitting out.  Like most RV owners, there is precious little cabinet storage in the bathroom of our RV.  We prefer to carry regular sizes of bottles for the things we need, such as lotion, but there is really nowhere to keep those taller bottles in the cabinets.  I had a plastic-lined tote bag that I would put them in when we were ready to roll, but it was always just “one more thing” that needed to be done to secure things for travel so that they didn’t go flying once we were moving.

I wanted to find a better solution, as that is part of the fun and challenge of camping for us in some ways.  You can read the rest of the story about the solution we came up with at my actual post at the link below.  It was a good one, for sure, and so simple.

RV Bathroom Organization Idea

My post today is not about that solution, though.  Someone (not me) picked it up and shared it on Pinterest a few weeks after I first posted it, and from what I can tell based on the referral information, it has gone pretty viral among RV campers over there.  Oddly enough, I never pinned it myself, since we’ve already taken care of that little problem.  Most people never come look at my actual post, though.  They just see the photograph at Pinterest as it is shared.  Still, the visitors that click on the link to my post keep it the most visited post on my site on a consistent basis.

Here is just one single referral pin that I saw today, only one of many that I have seen over the past few months.  This one pin alone has been re-pinned over 500 times and liked over 50 times as of today, and I have seen this repeated many, many times on other pins over the past year.

RV Bathroom Pinterest

It has just amazed me at how popular my little tip is among the Pinterest camping boards, and I’m so happy that I shared it for others to use, despite the horrible, blurry phone picture that I took.  I have so much money invested in good photographic equipment, but thousands of people have now seen one of the worst pictures that I have ever taken on my cell phone.  My bad.  Oh well.

Of all the things I have written about, it looks like my “claim to fame” is going to be a towel bar from Wal-Mart.

Just wanted you to know that I’m here for you with all the sophisticated and technical solutions you’re looking for in your RV camping needs.  Glad I could help.  😀

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