Freezing Friday

Baby, it’s cooooold outside!

Chill factor has dropped 66 degrees in 14 hours
Winter has arrived with a fury

The temperature has dropped 53 degrees and the chill factor has dropped 66 degrees in about 18 hours.  The front first hit with a typical haboob around 2:15 pm yesterday, although it wasn’t too bad as compared to others we’ve had over the past couple of years during the drought.  I was finishing my errands just before it came through, and it was pretty neat to watch it come in from the north.  The weather isn’t going to warm up until Monday or Tuesday, so we will be below freezing for an extended period and nothing is going to melt off.  We need every drop of moisture we can get, but it looks like we will have some icy roads to deal with before it is all over.

Yesterday afternoon, I brought home almost all of the food from the RV that we were planning to take on our camping trip, so it’s nice that we already have our weekend meals planned out and didn’t have to fight the crowds at the grocery store yesterday afternoon before the storm moved in.  That is certainly something to be grateful for, as the lines were pretty long and even made the news yesterday.

We have tickets to go see Catching Fire this afternoon, and I hope the road conditions hold out long enough for us to go see it and not have to try again another time.  I’ve read all three books, so I know what happens, but my son is coming along, and he has not read this book yet.  He is usually the one who has already read the book before the movie and enjoys watching my reaction as the one who is learning the story for the first time, so it will be fun to be the one to watch his reaction for a change.  Catching Fire is a pretty intense and emotional book, and it sounds like the movie is going to stick very close to the storyline.  The ending of this book is just… well, go and see it for yourself.  I will try to come back and share some thoughts after seeing the movie in another post, but I won’t be a bit surprised if this movie is better than the first one.

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Early Winter

The forecast for the weekend ahead finally deteriorated enough yesterday evening that we pretty much had no choice but to cancel our camping trip that we had planned.  This just did not look good at all for traveling in the RV on Thursday and returning on Sunday.

Forecast at our destination
Forecast at our destination
Forecast for our area

I am very, very grateful that we were not already on the road and had time to make this decision before getting stuck out in this weather, which will be our first big arctic front of the season and one that is coming earlier than normal.  We all really wanted to go, since our son was coming along with us this time, but it was just not to be, I guess.  This would not have been our first time out in snowy weather, but we have never been faced with driving on slick roads, something I am not a fan of.  At.  All.  The only wreck I’ve ever been involved in was on slick roads, and I want to avoid that in the future if I can.

We may have another opportunity to go camping next weekend after our Thanksgiving meal with family, and it now looks like my husband will be off for two weeks after Christmas, too.  So, there are other options in the not-too-distant future to go out again.

I’m headed out later this morning to go to the RV storage place and unload all of the food in the refrigerator that I don’t want to freeze.  We are just going to leave everything else, including our clothes that were already loaded, just in case we can go next week.

The other positive thing about the cancelled trip is that we can go see Catching Fire tomorrow on opening day!  The Hunger Games series is one of the best book series that I’ve ever read, and I loved the first movie a lot.  I have a Goodreads widget on my site toward the bottom left, that shows the most recent books that I’ve read, too.  Widgets are so handy and fun!  😉

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