Water Lilies

I have been absent online for a bit, but it’s been fun… learning more about using PSE9 that was just recently released.  It is a great tool, although I still use Lightroom for my basic photo editing.  I have found many great free action sets online that run in PSE9, and I like them better than most of the actions I have in Lightroom so far.

I have a favorite photo from a 2009 trip to Grand Cayman that I recently pulled from my trip archives to re-edit, and it is now much closer to what I envisioned when I took it.  By adding an adjustment layer and removing much of the yellow that was in the background and taking away from the beautiful floral bloom, the flower itself now stands out more.  Using a black brush to remove the opacity of that adjustment over the yellow in the center of the flower kept the bloom vivid while muting the background just a bit.  I love the end result, and I think it’s finally time to send it for printing and framing.

Taken at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens in Grand Cayman

Isn’t the water-lily just one of the most beautiful, delicate flowers ever?

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