Everyone Loves Ice Cream!

Everyone loves ice cream when it’s hot outside!

I just love this little photo collage of my two favorite four-legged friends.  It was 102 degrees outside a few days ago, and I wanted a Dreamsicle – a favorite childhood treat and something I had not had in years.  So after a quick trip to the grocery store to purchase said item, I decided to eat it outside on our back porch to not make a mess inside.  Eight little paws quickly followed me outside, as they sensed something yummy in my hand, too.  While sitting in my favorite rocking chair, my audience did not take their eyes off of me, just patiently waiting and hoping beyond hope that they might also get a tasty bite.

It was so good, and it was so hot outside that I caved to their pleading – but not until I was nearly down to the very end of my tasty treat.  They were good to wait their respective turns as I gave them each a nice, big bite.  Big Ol’ Baby tried to eat the whole thing right away, but I managed to get the stick away from him long enough to salvage a bite for Girly Girl, who gently licked hers off like the little lady she is.

Little did I know that this brief episode has now created a couple of Dreamsicle addicts.  All I have to do is disappear into the kitchen, open the freezer door, grab a Dreamsicle and start to tear off the paper wrap… and eight little paws come a’ running, even if they were sound asleep in another room.  Oh me – what have I done?  😉

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A New Love in My Life

Several years ago, we lost our family pet poodle that was seventeen years old.  She was a miniature poodle, and both of our kids literally grew up with her.  She was truly one of the family, as was her younger “big” (standard) brother that came along several years later.  Losing our precious family pet was harder on me than anyone else in our family, probably because that’s just how I roll.  I get very attached to both people and animals, and I cried for days and weeks off and on after she died.  We have enjoyed “big” brother and so blessed to still have in as a family pet, even though he is now thirteen years old, but ever since big sis’s passing, I’ve had a hole in my heart where she was.

Despite this gaping hole in my heart, I realized that I probably was not ready to get another dog to replace her.  I needed time to mourn her passing and really think whether or not I wanted another dog, since I am already past fifty and not getting any younger.  I also love to travel, and I thought long and hard about adding a second dog back into our lives and how it might impact the travel we would like to do while we are able to do so.  Sometimes, I think I over-think things, though, and that is definitely what I did on this decision by waiting so long to “think” this over.  I think I knew all along that I needed another four-legged love in my life in addition to “big” brother.

We picked up our new sweetie on Sunday after a few days of exhaustive searching for a standard poodle puppy in the price range we wanted to pay.  We were quite stunned to find how much some of them sell for these days, too.  Since we only wanted a loving pet, not a dog to show or breed, we kept looking beyond the expensive breeders.  I would love to have adopted a standard poodle, but there are no rescue groups within a reasonable drive of where we live.  My husband finally located a newspaper ad for some puppies in a town about two hours away, and off we went to check them out.  The only female in the litter was soon to be ours, and what a sweetie pie she is… Mon Cherie!  (My Sweetheart)

Our new standard poodle puppy at 10 weeks!

She is possibly the cutest, softest, most loveable little four-legged creature on the planet, too… but that’s just me.  She also weighed in at 11 pounds, 4 ounces on her first visit to the vet on Monday, and she is a healthy little girl all around.  Her owners opted to not have the tails of the puppies cropped at birth, too.  We will possibly revisit that when she is old enough to be spayed at six months of age, but right now, that long curly tail is just pretty darn cute.

Here’s to many puppy hugs in the days to come!


The Best Listener

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.”
— Christopher Morley


Sometimes I think my standard poodle listens better than any human I know.
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