My First Blue Ribbons!

It is a good day… really, really good.  I feel like a little kid again.  Two of my photos earned blue ribbons in our regional fair this year!  This is a first for me.

May I share them with you?

“Snow Dove”
Once again, my family and friends “pegged” this one for me early on at Flickr.  I actually took this one through our glass door to the backyard, too.  It was a beautiful scene that day, for sure, right after a nice snowfall.

“Snow Dove”
Snow Dove – Blue Ribbon in “Animals in Black and White”

“Big Poodle’s Day Out”
After a long and lovely day of visiting two of the most beautiful canyon areas in the state and taking hundreds of scenic pictures, I snapped a random picture of my big standard poodle hanging his head out the window of the car…
… and I won a blue ribbon for it!  (Still laughing at the irony on this one.)

“Big Poodle’s Day Out”
“Big Poodle’s Day Out” – Blue Ribbon in “Cute in Color”

And just how did I celebrate my new milestone???

Homemade Apricot Fried Pie Awesomeness!
Not a ribbon winner, but it makes my heart sing nonetheless.
I also did two laps around the midway to mitigate the damage a bit.

My “blue ribbon” celebration treat – a homemade apricot fried pie!

If I had not won, this would have been a post on how I drowned my sorrows with apricot fried pie instead.  That pie was a given regardless of the outcome of the judging. 😉

Happy Friday Fair Day!

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