Early Christmas Gift

I actually received my main Christmas gift early this year, and I am thrilled… a new Professional Model KitchenAid Mixer!  In my entire life, I have never had a decent mixer, and now I am literally making lists of recipes to bake before Christmas.

My new Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer
My new KitchenAid Pro 600 Series Mixer, 6 Quart

I’m not sure if my husband actually intended to give me the mixer early, but he decided to go ahead and give it to me anyway after I saw a really good sale on them last week and asked him if we should think about getting one.  We had both been looking at them for the past few months, so he literally just got it out of the trunk of his car and brought it in the house.  I was so happy, and he said that he had thought about giving it to me early anyway so that I could use it for holiday baking, since this is the main time of the year that I would really benefit from having the mixer.  I’m so glad he gave it to me early, too.  I know some ladies might not appreciate getting a mixer for Christmas, but I am thrilled!

The owner’s manual says this mixer can handle up to 14 cups of flour at once.  Crazy.

The only thing that will take a bit of getting used to for me is not being able to swing the top back like a traditional mixer.  Instead, it has a lever that raises the bowl up to the beaters.  I can definitely handle that, even though it is a little different to use.   It also has a clear splash guard that is going to be so nice to have for a change.  Hopefully, there won’t be any more “flying flour” in my kitchen on baking day.  It even came with a decent cookbook to help transition recipes to its more powerful mixing capability, as it warns that most recipes do not need to mix as long when using this mixer.  That will also be something different for me.  It’s fine, too.

I guess I must admit that just having a real KitchenAid mixer makes me feel like a better baker already.  Why is that exactly?  😀

Decorated Christmas cookies… here I come!  More to come on that soon.

Seems fitting that it is once again “snowing” on my website again, too.   Just love that every December.

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