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Making Memories

“Life is all about making memories”

Five years ago this month,¬†shortly after¬†we purchased¬†our first motorhome, I found this “making memories” canvas at a local home store and knew it would be a perfect addition to our new cabin on wheels.¬† It has hung in the bedrooms of our two¬†RVs ever since, and I suspect that no matter what RV we have in the future, we will always have this picture hanging somewhere inside to commemorate the spirit of our RV adventures.


However, “making memories”¬†is a phrase we used in our travels decades before we ever purchased our first RV.¬† In fact, we have a very long history of referring to¬†“making memories” when we travel.¬† For that reason, I immediately knew this canvas would be a great fit as we began our RV travels.

“Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories.”
— Unknown

My earliest recollection of¬†hearing the “making memories” phrase when traveling dates back¬†to a week-long¬†vacation with some good friends and all five of our combined very young children for a week of vacation¬†at a lake in East Texas one summer in the late 1980s.¬†¬†To say that this trip was laden with unexpected events would be an understatement.

Here are just a couple of “memories” from that fateful trip.

We took my father’s¬†1960s era red and white Larson Lapline outboard boat with us, and late one evening while taking a cruise on the lake with all nine of us on board, the¬†motor shut down.¬† We never could get it started again and had to use the water skis and an oar on board to paddle back to the dock, which fortunately wasn’t too terribly far away but still far enough that it took a while to get there.

We adults were exhausted from paddling and there was some brief talk of a ruined vacation.¬† Then…

… my sweet friend, who remains one of my very best friends¬†today¬†and¬†has a great sense of humor, reminded us all that we were just “making memories,” and from that point forward, that phrase stuck like glue to our vacation escapades.

On that same trip, we all dined out at a nearby seafood restaurant one evening.¬† As we arrived, a big summer thunderstorm blew up, and before we knew it, a tornado was headed our way.¬† The restaurant staff warned everyone to stay inside and take cover, and panic quickly set in among the guests.¬† All we could safely do was follow their advice to stay put and take cover, and fortunately, the small tornado veered off in a different direction and did very little damage.¬† As we resumed our meal and the talk at the table immediately went to the many unfortunate circumstances of our trip, my friend reminded us that we were just¬†“making memories.”¬†

And she was so right.¬† To this day, we enjoy recounting that trip with those dear friends and the “series of unfortunate events” that we encountered.¬† Without all those memories, we might not remember that trip at all now.


Ever since that¬†memorable trip, we’ve continued to use the phrase¬†“making memories” when unexpected things come up while traveling, both the good things and especially the challenging things.¬† We’ve had our fair share of “making memories” on vacations over time, for sure, including our RV vacations over the past five years.

Goldeneyes at Davis Mountains State Park
We’ve taken many friends and family members to far West Texas over the past five years to introduce them to the glorious scenery that is far West Texas at Davis Mountains State Park, and we look forward to showing it off to even more people in the future, including the small town of Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory star parties.


Some of our fondest RV travel memories to date are the times we have traveled with family members and friends.¬† When we bought our first RV five years ago, we never anticipated that others we knew would soon follow our lead and buy their first RVs.¬† Now, it seems that we have found, quite unexpectedly,¬†a great balance of traveling by ourselves with the dogs and occasionally traveling with others, and at this point, it is a perfect fit for us.¬† And what great memories we’ve made with all of these¬†great people over the past five years, too.

Caprock Canyons State Park continues to be a go-to RV park for us to share with family members and friends.¬† Once we take someone here and show them the park and its treasures, people always want to go back again.¬† We have so many fond memories with¬†loved¬†ones¬†here and look forward to “making memories” with our favorite people and on our own over the coming years in our “home” park.


There is just something so special about traveling with those you love the most and getting away from everyday routines, even if only for a weekend,¬†taking time to connect and enjoy each other’s company.¬† Young parents today would be wise to remember this, too, even if a staycation is more appropriate financially.

Lake Brownwood State Park, with its rich CCC history, continues to be another favorite place to visit in our RV, especially in the spring when the bluebonnets are in bloom.


It’s really all about spending uninterrupted time together, and most of us have to plan our schedules carefully to actually achieve it these days.¬† It needs to be a priority in our lives on a regular basis.

“We didn’t realize we were making memories.¬† We just knew we were having fun.”
— Unknown

A group of guys on Hubby’s side of the family has decided to resume yearly tent camping trips together, something they used to do as a family group¬†as they were all growing up when tent camping was all they could afford.¬† Now, they can bring along the next generation of sons with them, and their first trip is scheduled for late September.¬† Even though Hubby is a little spoiled to the RV, he is looking forward to resuming this fun tradition with our son for the first time… in a tent.

I can only imagine the memories those guys will make together, including a few I will probably never hear about.¬† They all have busy lives and careers now,¬†but I’m so glad they are once again taking time to be together and continue a long time family tradition.¬† Good for them.the-best-thing-about-memories-is-making-them

We are looking forward to “making memories” in our new-to-us RV very soon as we are finally ready to resume travels this fall as the weather cools off.¬†¬†Our long, hot summer is hopefully winding down, schools are back in session and our travel plans are mostly in place with our inaugural long trip scheduled to begin on Labor Day weekend.¬† I’m glad we had the summer to really put the RV through some paces here at home, as well as making a couple of quick¬†test trips.

Northern New Mexico is quickly becoming one of our favorite RV destinations in the summer months, especially when family and friends join us as they did over 4th of July this year.


Now, it’s finally time to get this RV show on the road once again… and start “making [even more] memories!”¬† ūüėÄ


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