Marvelous Maui

A pictorial overview of our wonderful week in Maui

What a wonderful time we had on our week-long trip to Maui back in mid-May!  It was a much-needed getaway for both of us, and Hawaii did not disappoint once again.  Even though Kauai has been our go-to destination in the islands in more recent years, we thoroughly enjoyed returning to Maui after a twenty-year absence.  We had no digital photos of Maui, so it was also a great opportunity to put my camera to work once again after putting it away for too long.


I have so many photos and stories from the trip, and for that reason, I will share our Hawaiian escapades in a series of posts as time permits.  This was also the last time that I used my Canon Rebel XTi, so this project will also be a little tribute to the wonderful years I spent with my first good camera.  I learned a lot about photography with that trusty camera, often the hard way, and I hope to continue learning even more with my new camera and lenses.  We even took some pretty decent photos with our phone cameras when I didn’t have the good camera with me.  My goodness, how phone cameras have improved in recent years.  They still don’t do the great job that my good camera does, but it’s so nice to always have a camera with us.

Below are some of the places we saw and things we did during our week in Maui, along with some teaser photos.  Items denoted with * were new experiences for us, while others were repeats of favorite places and things to do.  Most of these topics will probably make an appearance in a later post, as most are fun, interesting, touching or beautiful in their own way.

Haleakala National Park and Crater*
(aka Driving from Sea Level  to 10,000 Feet in an Hour)

The Epic Road to Hana – Indescribable Beauty*

Hiking at Wai’anapanana State Park near Hana*
Beautiful Kapalua Resort*
Our Nice Condo*
Hiking the Kapalua Coastal Trail*
(Not your typical hiking trail)
World Famous Beaches of Kapalua*
Quintessential Hawaii – Old Lahaina Town at Sunset 20150511_185324
The Historic Banyan Tree in Old Lahaina Town
The Terrifying Forbidden Drive*
My Spa Day – Relaxing and Refreshing*
Epic Hawaiian Sunsets*
Our Journey to Maui*
Mother’s Day Sunset Dinner
The Best Restaurant in the World, Seriously
(Happy Birthday to Me!)
Plantation Dining* 20150513_184515
 Our Hawaiian Pizza Tradition* 20150511_173900
Breakfast with the Birds
Flowers of Maui

A Bittersweet Mother’s Day*
An Unexpected Gift*
Memories of Days Gone By in Maui

We had no set plans for our time in Maui, with the exception of two necessary dinner reservations on Mother’s Day and our departure day for my birthday dinner, but despite our lack of planning, our week ended up being a great combination of leisurely mornings at the condo, followed by activities that we felt like doing each day.  In hindsight, our daily activities ended up being a great itinerary for anyone that would like to visit Maui, as we ended up doing and seeing more than either of us originally thought we would and never got tired doing it.  There is only one thing we did that I would not recommend at all.  You can likely guess what it was by the items I listed above.  Let’s just say that I will never solely rely on Garmin when driving in Hawaii in the future.

Stay tuned for all the fun in Marvelous Maui!

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