Brighter Days

Spring has finally arrived!  Warmer and brighter days are hopefully here to stay for a while.  Of course, in a few short weeks, I will most likely be lamenting the heat, so I will definitely enjoy these more temperate days while we have them.  This past weekend, we scalped our yard, pulled weeds and unwanted grasses and got the back porch area ready for outdoor dining once again.  We are also breathing a little sigh of relief that the new tree we put in the back yard last year is blooming heartily this year.  Thankfully, we will not be using the warranty on it, but I’m still glad we had the one-year warranty for it, just in case.  However, my ten beautiful crape myrtles are looking a bit suspicious, and I’m going to be devastated if we lost them over the winter months.  I have babied them so much over the past few years since we planted them to try to keep them alive.  Right now, though, it’s not looking good for them and will probably cost $500 or more to replace them.  Honestly, I’m not sure we will do that if they die off, due to landscape water restrictions in place now, which were not in place when we planted them years ago.  Keeping a decent yard these days is tough, tough, tough.  I so hope to see this beautiful sight in a few weeks once again.

2014-06-20 15.26.27

Storm season has also begun just to the north of us, it seems.  I followed the storm chasers online in Oklahoma a few days ago, and I was sad to see that Moore got clobbered once again.  I have a cousin that lives just north of Moore, and we tease him that Moore is a magnet for tornadoes.  Sadly, I think that is a true statement, for some reason.  Thankfully, he and his family are fine.  It is a beautiful place to live, and I see why people want to live there, for sure.  I’m just not sure I could handle living right in the worst part of tornado alley.  Tornadoes are bad enough where we live at times, and don’t think I would make it too well in an area with even more of them.

Our new vacation year began again on March 1 when Hubby’s yearly allowance renewed, and we will be headed out of town on Wednesday evening for a long holiday weekend.  We will be traveling to the northern tip of the hill country once again, just as we did last year when we discovered what a wonderful time of year it is to camp there with wildflowers blooming all around and nice temperatures.  We are traveling about two weeks earlier than we did last year, but hopefully we will still see some great flowers and just enjoy a relaxing time together with the dogs.  We are also going to check out our first COE campground, even though we will just spend one night there.  I’ve looked at this particular campground before, but this is really the first trip that it has made sense for us to make a quick stop there.  Hopefully I will have a good report to share about it later, as I have not yet read about it on any other sites by RV travelers or other campers.  We know the lake is down 14 feet, but at least there is still a lake there to see.

I wish you all a blessed holy week and a Happy Easter!  We hope to attend a sunrise service at the park early on Sunday morning and are looking forward to that special time once again.

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