White Wedding Cupcakes

In just a few weeks, I will be hosting a bridal shower at our home for the future daughter-in-law of one of my dearest friends.  Since there are only two of us hosting it, we have been looking for ways to trim our expenses a bit while not sacrificing quality, especially on the food that we will serve.  Rather than having the food catered or purchased from a local bakery, I am going to do most of the baking myself, while my co-hostess (who does not cook much) will provide the non-cooked food, such as cheeses, crackers and fresh fruit.

After “diving head first” into the world of cookie baking before Christmas, I am ready to take on another baking challenge.  Cupcakes are always fun and certainly not as difficult as some of the cookies I baked a few weeks ago.  But, I want these baked goods for the shower to be as close to good bakery quality as I can get them, so I’ve invested some time in researching recipes to find just what I think I want.

The first recipe that I’ve found is for wedding style white cupcakes with a good buttercream icing.  Earlier this week, I made two different test batches of this recipe, with the first batch being full-sized cupcakes and the second batch being the smaller mini-cupcakes.  Without a doubt, I will make the minis for the shower.  The smaller size will be a perfect bite-sized sweet treat so that guests will not fill up on a single cupcake, and the mini size is just so darn cute, too!

Wedding White Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing
Wedding White Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

The picture does not really do them justice, as I just quickly snapped it with my phone before heading out the door to deliver some of them to friends, but they really turned out so cute and so good.  I am not proficient with the piping bag yet by any stretch, but some simple piping with a large star tip resulted in a nice, somewhat floral pattern of the buttercream on top and a candy pearl for an elegant accent.

To my great surprise, my husband just raved over them, too, which is a shock because he is typically not a fan of white cake.  That alone should be an indication of just how good these are.  Of course, the good buttercream icing certainly helped.  This recipe is the closest one I’ve found to what my mom used to make when I was growing up, and this recipe is really one of the best icing recipes that I’ve found to date.

The recipes can be found at the links below.  The only thing I changed on the cake recipe was to use a cup of powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar, and I also used two whole eggs and two egg whites, instead of just four egg whites.  I just wanted the cake to be a bit more moist, and this worked quite well.  The minis baked perfectly at 325 degrees for 15 minutes.  I did not alter the icing recipe at all, but I did have to double the recipe to have enough for all the cupcakes.

White Wedding Cupcakes Recipe
(makes about 36 regular or 110 mini cupcakes)

Buttercream Icing Recipe
(double this to have plenty of icing for the cupcakes)

Hmmm, I think it’s about time for a cupcake!  🙂

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12 Days of Christmas Gifts

My 12 Days of Christmas gifts arrived last night!  Since I will be out-of-town for a week, my special “elf” said that I can start opening some of them now!

4-365 12/2/10 Twelve Days of Christmas

This is a decades-long tradition that a special out-of-town friend and I have enjoyed… sending twelve “Pre-Christmas” gifts to countdown to the big day.  They are just smaller gifts, sometimes even from the dollar store, but I wouldn’t trade for all the years of fun and joy it has brought to us.

And one thing I know for sure… I will always give (and will always receive) a box of Hot Tamales candy.  Long story.  Maybe those will help to rid me of this lousy cold and sinus infection.  😉

Fun times!

Labor Day Weekend

“Work isn’t to make money; you work to justify life.”
–Marc Chagall

A little birthday celebration…

a little wine tasting…

a walk down the monthly art trail…

a memorable drive around town…

a good college football game…

a couple of longtime friends visiting from out of town

= a great holiday weekend.

Hope yours was grand, too!


Someone turned the big, bad 5-0.  Thankfully it wasn’t me. Been there, done that.

Labor Day Weekend-5015

Llano Estacado Winery… My heart sang when I tasted their Viviana… 😉

Labor Day Weekend-5023

The first stop on the First Friday Art Trail, the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center.

Labor Day Weekend-5050

Our favorite work of the evening… brilliantly beautiful!

Labor Day Weekend-5052

We ate cowboy peach cobbler and drank cowboy coffee…

Labor Day Weekend-5029

Dirk West’s original cartoon drawings brought back memories!  I miss his humor.

Labor Day Weekend-5046

The gallery area at McPherson Winery was packed with people and great displays!

Labor Day Weekend-5065

Many others were walking the art trail at sunset with us…

Labor Day Weekend-5078

Will Rogers and “Soapsuds,” all wrapped in traditional red for game day on Sunday!

Labor Day Weekend-5093

I just adore Fall.  But then again, it does start with “F.”  🙂  Have a fabulous Fall day today!

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