Change Is a Comin’

Out with our old RV, in with a new one.

I’ve been AWOL for a bit.  Life has just been busy, but thankfully, it’s been mostly good things happening in life and just lots of the ordinary business of life.

I’ve started both dogs in weekly agility classes, and we are only three weeks into it.  I have to take them separately, so two mornings each week are involved in this new adventure.  The dogs are doing just fine and having fun.  Their handler (me)… is definitely like teaching an old “dog” new tricks.  It is a good challenge and good exercise, both physically and mentally.  I keep telling myself, “If the dogs can do this, you can, too!”  I’ve watched each one have to overcome a certain level of fear, and it is very inspirational to see them do it as we learn each new apparatus.

Of course, there was some financial business to tend to toward the end of tax season, as we had to file our return and the final return for my mom.  Thankfully, we only owed a grand total of $132, a nice relief, for sure.

The big news for us is a decision we made shortly after our good friend passed away a few weeks ago.  If you read that post, you will recall that he and his wife had just purchased a brand new fifth wheel and pickup, as they were starting the process of easing into retirement over the next two-three years.  His death in a freak vehicle accident hit both of us hard.

Prior to our friend’s death, we had already begun discussing selling our current RV and looking for something larger and better suited to traveling with two large dogs.  We are still at least seven years or more from retirement, but we felt that it might be a good move to go ahead and upgrade to start that “easing” process ourselves a little more.  We know that we always want to travel by RV, but we are still unsure of the level of RV travel we want after we retire.  We don’t have to make that decision for a long time either.

After we said goodbye to our friend, it was just pretty amazing that we both recognized that we were ready to take that next step without further delay.  The next time we even brought it up, we were both ready to proceed with that plan not delay it a few more years, as we previously planned to do.  Our minds were on the same page, and it was time to start looking.  That was easier said than done because Hubby had two overseas trips planned, so I would have to do most of the searching.

To summarize the last month, he traveled and I shopped for a new RV, mostly by looking online and in person at a few locally.  The process was frustrating as each one in our price range seemed to have issues we did not want in our next RV.

Finally, I found an RV online that looked promising about five hours away and made a very quick driving trip to go see it in person.  I knew it would likely be snatched up quickly and wanted to not miss the opportunity to get it by waiting until Hubby returned from his trip to go see it in person.  I even braved a pretty wicked wind/dirt storm on the back of a supercell thunderstorm on the drive home and had to briefly pull over on the side of the road until I could see to drive again.

I took lots of pictures and emailed them to Hubby, and the next day, I called the dealer back to tell him we wanted to buy the RV.  They have been great to work with us and the fact that Hubby has been out of the country, and we are scheduled to go pick it up next weekend.  Hopefully, it will pass the final inspection with no issues, and I honestly am not really concerned about that.  I spent almost three hours looking things over when I was there, and we tested all of the major systems.

We sold our motorhome yesterday to a man we’ve known for a couple of years that has admired it all that time.  We felt that he might want to buy it if we told him we were ready to sell it, and such was the case.  It was a brief negotiation, and we actually made $500 more than we paid for it upfront in 2011, a fair price for both of us, considering the fact that we have taken such good care of it and improved it in many ways.

Farewell, old friend!  You were a great ride for the past five years!  Sacramento National Forest, Apache Campground @ 8000 ft., Cloudcroft, New Mexico, 2015


I’m ready to upgrade, but I confess that I will miss this classic RV that didn’t even have a slide out.  It served us well as we learned the ins and outs of traveling in an RV, and we will always cherish the many memories we shared with family, friends, our dogs and many great people we met on our travels.  We are sending it on to a couple that will continue to take care of it appropriately as they learn the ins and outs of RV ownership for the first time, and we will still get to see it fairly regularly, too… a win/win situation.

As long as the final inspection goes well, we will be upgrading from a 31′ low-mileage RV with no slides to a 38′ insanely low-mileage RV with one large slide in the living room.  It is in such great condition, almost new in many ways, and it felt almost cavernous to me as I walked around it with the slide out.

We are excited about starting chapter two of our RV journey soon in a motorhome that we could truly live in, if we wanted to do so for awhile.  It will be a good experience to see if we might be suited to full-time or part-time RV living a few years “down the road.”

We have also not traveled in our RV as much over the past couple of years, and we both want to get back to getting out more regularly again.  Having the additional room with the dogs will help, for sure, and having life settling down a bit from the issues of the past couple of years will hopefully help, too.  We need our quiet time to refresh now more than ever.  And even if we get there and this one doesn’t pass our inspection, we will continue to search until we find another one.  We’re feeling pretty good about this one, though.

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Blogger at My Five Fs (Faith - Family - Food - Fotos - Fun) and Animal Wonder. Empty-nester that now shares life with my hubby and our two standard poodles. Enjoys camping in our RV, taking and editing photos, trying new low-carb recipes, baking pretty decorated cookies for special occasions, walking daily, spending time with family and friends when we can, playing with the dogs, and is grateful to God for every single day of this blessed life and for the opportunity to share and connect with some great people here.

13 thoughts on “Change Is a Comin’”

    1. We hope it works out! It’s a little hard doing this long distance, but we should know if we’ll buy it by this time next week. It’s so much nicer and bigger than what we’ve had… a nice step up if it works out. If not, we’ll just keep looking.


      1. Fingers crossed all goes well. I’ve been talking to hubby more and more about a MH but IF we go that route, we know we won’t want to go past 32′. There’s too many state and national parks we’d like to visit and we all know size does matter LOL.

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        1. Yes, I agree that the shorter length is a big advantage to increase the opportunities to camp just about anywhere and is a must for you guys, for sure. For us right now, we will continue to mostly revisit places closer to home for several more years, with only the occasional trip out of our area. All of the state parks we visit can accommodate this length and longer, so we are good to go. There is only one place we’ve visited that will be impacted by the longer length… the national forest campground at Cloudcroft, NM where I took the photo in the post. We can still go there but will have to camp in a lot designed for the bigger rigs. Right now, we are fine with the trade-off to have more room with the dogs and for guests, specifically our son. Don’t mind telling you that with three adults and two big dogs, it got *tight* in our other RV! Good times, fun memories! 😉

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  1. I think you meant to say OUT with the old, not OUR with the old — glad I”m not the only one making typos. Just found one on my own blog this morning about the same thing — one errant letter.

    I’m glad to hear you found a replacement so ‘easily.’ Sometimes it’s just Kismet! I know after looking at oodles of RV’s the first time through after we saw the one we ended up with we realized that of all the floorpans we saw, the only ones we liked (3 of them)were similar to that one — and we bought it the next day.

    You’ll find out all sorts of new things about your new RV, some good, some bad — but won’t it be fun learning! I envy you those first few months with the new RV. That’s always such an interesting experience. Have a ball!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh geez… yes, I missed that. Thanks for telling me so I can fix it! I wanted to write an update but didn’t proofread like I normally do due to time constraints yesterday. My bad. We know of several issues that have been addressed on this motor home already. We bought the Allegro after it sat for four years, so we are well aware of many of the types of issues that can result from non-frequent use or sitting idle. Hubby is finally back, and he can now talk directly with the dealer that is selling it. We have the Carfax and have also been doing some history research on our own, too. But… given the fact that this motor home has had what appears to be quite thorough professional testing and repairs made over the past few months, it is definitely worth our consideration. But, if we get there and it doesn’t pass the final tests while we are there, we will just keep looking. We will be disappointed if it doesn’t pass, though, because it is in the best condition of any used motor home we’ve ever looked at. More to come in a week or so…

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      1. I’m terrible about proofreading. I find something in a lot of my posts that I should have caught — but that’s what I get for thinking of this as a diary and not a blog!

        You’ll suss it out when you get there, and there’s nothing to force you if it doesn’t meet your expectations. But, I know the fever that comes with finding what feels like “just the right one.” That “best condition” is how we felt about Serendipity. There have been a few little things, and none that came as surprises as we experienced with the Journey — that we had several expensive surprises with!!!
        Good luck…

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        1. I must say that this is the most cooperative dealer we’ve ever dealt with anywhere. It’s a smaller dealer, and they are guaranteeing that all systems will work at the price we have agreed to pay, which is quite fair. We are going prepared to stay several days, if needed, in case an unforeseen repair is needed. It will have to be something pretty major to keep us from buying it, and I don’t forsee that happening at this point. But, who knows. Ready to get this show on the road and see what happens next weekend.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hey — that’s a good thing, right? …Cooperative dealers… Must be a genetic accident of nature.
            Staying several days IS a good idea. We stayed 2 days (over a weekend) when we bought Journey waiting for them to finish something and by Monday we found out the house batteries in the coach we just bought were toast. That dealer (Lichtsinn) was NOT so cooperative and we ended up spending way too much on top of the purchase. Our first ever lesson about RV dealerships. And the reason we didn’t go back.

            Good luck. Fingers, eyes, toes, and legs all crossed for good juju


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