What Answered Prayer Looks Like

Rainbow sm
The drought is over as of 1:30 am this morning!

I was witness to this miracle yesterday evening while dining out with two dear friends to celebrate my birthday a little early.  Looking to the east where our water supply lake is, this storm was the one that ended our drought.  The lake received over seven billion gallons of water in 36 hours, *in just the right spot,* and it is now full and flowing over the spillway to send even more water downstream.  We have witnessed the tremendous power of water flowing in the Brazos River once again, which immediately came up thirteen feet as the rains hit.

The last two days have been quite an epic sight to witness, and my heart is so full of gratitude, especially as I can finally mark this prayer request as “answered” after four long years.   The lake was officially documented as “full” at 1:30 am while we were asleep, but this was the very first news story I heard when I turned on our local news earlier today.  I even got the picture last evening to document this wonderful event!

Thank you, God, for the rain!  West Texas is so grateful today.  What an understatement!  I never cease to be amazed at how God answers prayer when we least suspect it or are even looking for it.  I’ve had a big lesson in the power of prayer through all this after an excruciating four years of drought, and my prayer life is better for it.  😀

Update: WordPress just informed me that this is also my 200th post! What a great way to hit that small milestone today!

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Rain is often a rare visitor here at home, but sometimes it decides to come and pay us a serious visit for a little while.  The rain started falling late Monday afternoon, and twelve hours later, we have received about 3.5 inches of rain.  The communities about thirty minutes south of us received about double that amount, and it should really be interesting today as significant rain is in the forecast for the next 24 hours.  It is still raining as I’m typing this, and the weather guy on television just said the next band headed our way is producing rain at 4″ per hour.  That is going to hit right at morning commute time, unfortunately.

I try to never, ever complain about the rain, and I won’t start now.  I hope people here are safe in driving as it continues, as several high water rescues took place yesterday evening.  I plan to just stay in today or until the roads improve, but others do not have that luxury as the workday commences shortly and roads are still pretty flooded.  In flat terrain, it is hard for flood waters to run off, and every little valley and low spot will collect water and start to flood with little warning, especially when the ground is saturated like it is at this time.  Some roads in the rural areas are completely closed, including some that are widely traveled, and a couple of small communities opened shelters for travelers and others overnight.

A long-term rain event like this will definitely help to recover from the drought a bit more, and it is yet another answer to many prayers since 2011.  Technically, we are no longer in a drought, even though many area lakes are still very low and desperately need good soaking rain events like this to help recharge their levels.    May and June are our prime times for rainfall, so we will take every drop right now and hope for even more during the coming weeks.  I suspect this one rain event will result in more rain for us than we received in the entire year of 2011.  We’ll see in a few days.

Our big spoiled puppy started to panic late yesterday evening over the rain.  “Sugar” apparently thought he would melt if he had to go out in the hard rain to do his business.  We both tried and tried to get him to go out with no success, but finally around 10 pm, the rain broke just long enough for pup to agree to go out.  Girly Girl just takes it all in stride, even though she doesn’t like it.

The weather forecasters were spot on in forecasting this rain event days ago.  We knew it was likely coming, so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather over the weekend to make a quick trip in the RV to a “new-to-us” destination, Lake Colorado City State Park, and I will try to share a little information and some photos soon.  It is a lesser known state park with a lower visitation rate these days, but we had a nice, relaxing time, especially since it was not crowded with only a few other couples in their RVs while we were there.  The park and the entire area were so green, and the wildflowers were especially beautiful.  We even saw some bluebonnets in the park.  I’ve felt that this little park has gotten a bit of a bad wrap lately, especially as far as RV camping is concerned, and our experience proved that to definitely be the case.  Motor boating on the lake is not possible at this time due to the lower lake level, but RV camping is still quite nice there.  There is still a lake there, too.  More to come.

White Flower
Just one of the many pretty wildflowers we saw this weekend

We are preparing to leave on a trip this Saturday and will be gone for a week.  I have more to share on our upcoming trip before we leave and will try to share here on Thursday or Friday.  If it keeps raining like this, though, we may need to take a boat to the airport on Saturday instead of our car.

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