What Answered Prayer Looks Like

Rainbow sm
The drought is over as of 1:30 am this morning!

I was witness to this miracle yesterday evening while dining out with two dear friends to celebrate my birthday a little early.  Looking to the east where our water supply lake is, this storm was the one that ended our drought.  The lake received over seven billion gallons of water in 36 hours, *in just the right spot,* and it is now full and flowing over the spillway to send even more water downstream.  We have witnessed the tremendous power of water flowing in the Brazos River once again, which immediately came up thirteen feet as the rains hit.

The last two days have been quite an epic sight to witness, and my heart is so full of gratitude, especially as I can finally mark this prayer request as “answered” after four long years.   The lake was officially documented as “full” at 1:30 am while we were asleep, but this was the very first news story I heard when I turned on our local news earlier today.  I even got the picture last evening to document this wonderful event!

Thank you, God, for the rain!  West Texas is so grateful today.  What an understatement!  I never cease to be amazed at how God answers prayer when we least suspect it or are even looking for it.  I’ve had a big lesson in the power of prayer through all this after an excruciating four years of drought, and my prayer life is better for it.  😀

Update: WordPress just informed me that this is also my 200th post! What a great way to hit that small milestone today!

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Author: DK

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6 thoughts on “What Answered Prayer Looks Like”

  1. For all of us who live in the west, we are always SO thankful for rain!!! We always pray for adequate snow and rain too…our farms downriver (from the mountains) depend on each drop of rain or snow! Praising God with you for an end to the horrible drought there in Texas! 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I suspect that I will keep our water needs as part of my prayers from now on after all this, too. We were blessed to have our lake (for water supply) fill up completely, but there are still many more that are down. Some are almost dry. So, while this prayer was answered, I will most certainly keep praying for others’ water needs now and in the future. 😉 God is good!


    1. It was probably even more than that. 7 billion was when the lake was still not quite full… at about 96% capacity. Regardless, it has been truly amazing to watch. Last year at this time, it was only 61% capacity, and it’s not a small lake by any stretch. It rained in that area again yesterday, too. God is good, and we can breathe a little easier right now, for sure. Plus, seeing pictures of the lake full for the first time in five years just makes everyone so happy. I suspect we will head that way sometime after we return from our trip next week, just to check it out. We have never seen it full like this.

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      1. We had snow on Mt Hood yesterday (meaning THEY, we’re 150 miles away). Our height of the day was 4800′ and we’re down to 170′ now. Eleven miles of 6% grade. Glad for the engine break for sure.
        Have an extra shower on me. 🙂

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