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Today, I would like to quickly share some good links and some television shows that might be of interest to people visiting Texas, especially for my fellow RVers that will be visiting over the winter months.

Wildflowers at Davis Mountains State Park
Wildflowers at Davis Mountains State Park, September 2014

Texas Storm Chasers
These folks are absolutely the best weather forecasters around, and they cover the entire state each day in their updates.  I promise that you will benefit from following them on their website each day if you add it to your feed, or you can also follow them on Twitter for updates there, too.  They have a Facebook page, which is also good, but the issue there is Facebook itself.  Facebook so often edits our feeds for us and selects what they want us to see, and all too often, I missed updates from TSC there when I wanted to see them.  So, just select one of the other ways to follow them, if you’re interested.  Even if you are headed to deep south Texas, I think you will find this site a good one to bookmark or follow regularly.  These folks are storm chasers, and they are among some of the best, professional ones around.  Hint:  There is a strong front headed our way again next week, and you can get all the information about it from TSC.

Texas Highways
This is one of the best magazines for all things Texas travel, and you can even get a lot of great information for free at their site.  Subscribing to their magazine is always a nice treat because they do such a great job with it.  The link above will link to their most recent list of Top 40 Texas destinations, as voted by their readers this year.

Texas Parks and Wildlife
This is the main site for everything for TPWD and our fabulous state parks, including the online reservation system.  I also follow TPWD on Facebook and have enjoyed doing so for a more real-time news experience with them.  I also follow individual state park pages on Facebook, and over the past couple of years, many of them are doing a fine job in sharing information about their respective parks to promote visitation.  Many state parks are frequently full in their RV spots, especially on weekends, even in winter months for a few.  We always secure an advance reservation when we travel to a state park.

This page has links to some great information on road conditions by area, and toward the bottom, there is also a fabulous map that is updated on wildflowers sightings across the state.  I have used that map in spring months several times, as it is such a great resource to see the best wildflowers across the state.

Texas Country Reporter
This is a weekly thirty-minute show and has been running for many years.  I record it each week to watch as we have time to do so.  Bob Phillips has always done a great job with the show over the years, too.

Texas Parks and Wildlife (PBS)
This is a great supplement to the TPWD website that I shared above.  While some programs are more interesting than others, they often visit state parks and natural areas.  Over the past couple of years, we have enjoyed recording this program and have gained some good insight into new places to visit.

Texas Bucket List TV Show
I just learned about this show that is on a channel that we do not watch too often but still enjoy at times.  I’m anxious to record it weekly and check it out.  I linked directly to the page that lists the various stations and times that air the show.

Update 11/9/14:

TX Historical Markers

I also just remembered a great free app that is available at Google Play for Android phones, too!  I have used this app a few times when we have traveled on roads with cell and data signal, and it is so much fun to use.  When you turn on your GPS location on your cell phone, the app will then tell you when you are near a Texas Historical Marker, bring up a replica photo of what it looks like, and even read it out loud to you if you are driving and cannot read the information on the screen.  How many times have we just driven past those great historical markers, not having the time to stop and read them.  When time does not permit such stops, this is a fun alternative!  I believe there is a similar app available in iTunes for the iPhone, too.

I’m sure there are many other great links about Texas travel, and if you know of one, feel free to share it in the comments.  I would like to know about it!

We are headed out in the RV for a long weekend getaway while the weather is still nice.  The big cold front should hit next Monday night or Tuesday morning, so we will definitely enjoy this weekend of milder weather before winter comes calling with what will likely be our first hard freeze.  We will not have cell or internet, so it should be a nice getaway for us once again.

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    1. How fun was that! I hope you have it recorded to keep somewhere. 😉 I love that show, and it’s always neat to watch when he features something right here in our own “backyard” that we never even knew about. Everything is so thoughtfully done and very entertaining with lots of heart most of the time. Thanks for you kind comments!

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