The Blessing of Waiting

For some reason, the post that I published earlier today is not showing in my WordPress Reader.  So, I would like to invite you to read today’s post, The Blessing of Waiting.  I believe it was successfully published via email, so I’m not sure what the issue is with the Reader.  Thank you, dear readers!

If for some reason it was actually published in your own Reader earlier, please accept my sincere apologies for sharing this again.  It did not show up in mine after almost three hours.

Author: DK

Blogger at My Five Fs (Faith - Family - Food - Fotos - Fun) and Animal Wonder. Empty-nester that now shares life with my hubby and our two standard poodles. Enjoys camping in our RV, taking and editing photos, trying new low-carb recipes, baking pretty decorated cookies for special occasions, walking daily, spending time with family and friends when we can, playing with the dogs, and is grateful to God for every single day of this blessed life and for the opportunity to share and connect with some great people here.

7 thoughts on “The Blessing of Waiting”

  1. Your original post did not show up in my reader either. I don’t know what happens with that because some of the blogs I’ve been following for years have disappeared from my reader and I had to ‘refollow’ them. Annoying little glitch, I guess. :-/


    1. I do not think that any of my WordPress follows have disappeared, but sometimes a few other follows from non-WordPress sites have gone away, it seems. I wonder how that is happening. Hmmm.


  2. You may have fallen prey to the same thing that was happening to me. WordPress has an automatic “spam” filter that kicks in if you use too many categories and tags…. they are trying to keep people from ‘Tag Spamming’ and the filter kicks in with something like 15 words. I don’t know how it treats compound categories or tags but this little spoken about feature has been the bane of my existence.


    1. I don’t think the tags were the problem. The next post actually tried to do the same thing, and when I looked *way* back in the feed, as in two days earlier, I found the post. That was probably about the time I created the post file, I think, and for some reason, Reader seems to be throwing my posts back now to the point in the timeline where I first created the file. I have never used the scheduler before, but using it seems to solve the issue of backdating posts into the Reader timeline. I needed to learn to use the scheduler anyway to meet the once-a-day goals in November at Animal Wonder anyway, so hopefully that will take care of the problem. Thanks for that good information, and I will definitely keep that in mind. Will try to keep tags at ten or less! Wish they would make those kinds of rules a little clearer for all.


      1. Ah… well, there you go…. backdating DOES mess up the CRON program. Either publish without messing with the date so that the time recorded is the instant you hit the publish button — or schedule it for some time in the future. There is likely to be SOME delay between when CRON checks to see if there’s anything publishable but I have no idea how much time that might be.


        1. I have never messed with the date, just hit publish and go. I don’t know why it is now an issue, as I never changed a thing in my publishing routine. I am still using the old post editor, too. Tried the new one a couple of times and didn’t care for it. I don’t know if that could be an issue or not. At least the scheduler works. Just another opportunity to learn something new! lol


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