Home Improvements

It is always a good week when we complete some significant improvements to our home, and such was our week last week.

Weathered Wood Roof
New Timberline “weathered wood” roof and new Attic Breeze solar attic fan

After several weather delays beginning early in September, we finally had our new roof installed last week, and it looks great.  This is our third roof on our home that is just under thirty years old, and once again, we opted to go with a totally new color.  This time, we selected a Timberline shingle in a  “weathered wood” color which looks great with the new paint color we used last summer on the outside trim.  This is a better shingle than what we had on our previous roof and also carries a better warranty.

This same company also installed an Attic Breeze solar attic fan for us when they installed the new roof, and they only need to return sometime this week to install the required soffit vents to complete their work at our house.  The vents were painted to match our trim a few weeks ago, using some exterior paint that we had leftover last year.  The solar fan will automatically run anytime the attic is 100 degrees or higher, but so far, the weather has been cool enough that the fan has not yet turned on.  It may be quite some time before our weather warms up enough for the fan to actually turn on, too.  The fan carries a lifetime warranty, and we should also be able to claim a tax credit this year for installing this particular fan, which is always a nice little perk.  We do not know anyone that has installed a solar unit like this one yet, as this one is fairly new, so I guess we will be one of the first houses in our area to get one.

We also had the opportunity to use our RV as a “home away from home” last week while our new roof was installed.  I am so glad that we had somewhere else to go, as I’m sure the dogs and I would not have had a good experience at home on those days, and I can only imagine how noisy it was inside the house.  Almost every picture was hanging crooked when we returned home, and some light fixtures in the master bathroom came loose from the ceiling, since that room has no attic above it.  The local RV park where we stayed was surprisingly great.  I’m not sure why we never really checked out RV parks closer to home until now, except that we thought we probably would not ever need to use one.  We briefly considered day-boarding the dogs for those days, but it was cheaper and easier to use the RV as our home base, and it also gave me a place to escape the noise at home, too.  It was a win-win situation in every way.  The lovely rig next to us had Alaska plates on the pickup and the fifth wheel, and I wish I could have spoken to the owners, who looked like a retired couple.  What a drive they made to get here!  They were busy and headed out most of the time, and I wondered if they might be visiting family or friends that live in the area.

It was great to have a calm place hang out while the roof was installed, and I even managed to get some chores done in the RV, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom areas, putting lemon oil on all of the cabinet doors and cleaning out some interior storage areas to swap summer items for winter items.  I also found time to finish a good audiobook, The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst, and I highly recommend this book for any ladies that are interested in the topic.  It is always a timely one for me, it seems.

Premier RO System
New Premier Reverse Osmosis system

We also purchased and installed a Premier reverse osmosis system under our sink in the kitchen, along with a matching water spigot at the sink.  The unit will supply water at our sink and to our ice maker.  We are both so happy to finally have a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water, as this has been an item we have considered purchasing for several years.  While our tap water is fine to drink, neither of us really care for the taste of it.  When I embarked on my diet back in January, I started drinking more water and fewer diet soft drinks, and Hubby has also started drinking more water, too.  This system will eventually pay for itself with the money we save buying gallons of water and cases of bottled water.  We found this set at Costco at a great price, about $100 less than advertised elsewhere online for the same unit, and it was the same brand that was highly recommend by a friend.

Outdoor Sound System Control Unit
New Russound control unit – We have five more units to eventually install in the house, too.
Bowers and Wilkins Outdoor Speakers
Bowers and Wilkins outdoor speakers, custom painted to match our patio

The last item that was installed over the past week was the outdoor control panel for our new sound system on our back porch.  Our son installed the patio system with custom speakers, with the exception of building the wooden housing box for the control unit and painting it to match our exterior paint, which Hubby was able to do this weekend.  The main receiver and CD/DVD player were installed under our bar in the living room in a cabinet that was pre-wired with electricity when we bought our house, and the system is expandable with more control units for other rooms.  The sound system in our home has needed updating for a while, and our son will continue to help us install better speakers and the updated control units in some of the other rooms over time.  We have five more control units to use with the system, and over time, it is going to be a fabulous setup throughout the house and should also increase the resale value a bit, too.

Along with our new Chinese Pistache tree in the back yard and updates to our back porch area that we made in the spring, we have made some great progress this year on updating the outside of our house.  Our backyard is a more inviting place now, and we have been able to use it much more over the past few months.  If we can’t be camping, at least we now have a pleasant area to enjoy outside at home that is more protected from the elements.

Our garden has pretty much run its course for the year, the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn, weekly grass mowing is now down to just once every two or three weeks, fun fall activities are in full swing, and life is just so good.  Red passed his first obedience school test last week, and we will begin intermediate classes in two weeks.  I also had my first colonoscopy done last Monday, and all is well.  I do not have to return for another test for ten years, and I am so grateful for that outcome.  If you are 50 or older and have not yet had your baseline test, please do so.  If I can do it, you can, too!

I so love this wonderful time of year, especially when the extra chores and necessary home improvements that come along with warmer weather months finally subside right along with the temperatures.  Even though home ownership can be a hard thing at times, I am more grateful than ever for our lovely home that we have been given to live in and raise our children in over the years.  We have so many great memories here over the years, and hopefully we have many more great memories in store.

Now it’s time to start thinking a bit more about the upcoming holidays!

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