Bucket List Trip, Coming Right Up

It has been an eventful week, as my hubby started his new job responsibilities on Monday, right after returning from his two-week trip to Asia.  We moved him into his new office last weekend, and it took almost all weekend to accomplish that task.  Our two four-legged helpers came along and provided several laughs as they explored the new space and climbed the stairs enough to wear them out by the end of our work days.  It was nice to have some comic relief from them, for sure.

Back in May, we originally planned a return trip to northern New Mexico for the upcoming holiday weekend, but we recently changed our minds and opted to just make a trip by plane to Colorado this time.  I do not think we would have had time to properly load and prepare the RV this weekend, given the necessary job transition duties this week.  In fact, just showing up at the airport and boarding a plane for a short ride sounds pretty good, but I know we will miss having our RV on this particular trip, too.  It is a bucket list destination, and we are both excited to finally be on our way to check it out on Saturday morning.  I am playing John Denver pretty much non-stop to properly prepare for this exciting experience, too.  I always know that it will likely be a good trip if I am packing my hiking shoes.

We are also ready for cooler weather, if only for a weekend.  While we have not had 100 degree temperatures, it has been close to it for some time now, with only a small amount of rain.  I’m feeling my “tired of summer heat” blues, and I’m ready for autumn once again.  Autumn is not quite ready for us here at home, however, so we are going to go searching for it.  I think we are likely going to find that cooler weather, as well as some rain.

Mountain Area Forecast
Forecast for our destination

I am particularly grateful today for the ability to research travel destinations online, and I will be spending some time today doing just that.  I know that I take this resource for granted a lot these days, but when I remember what we had to go through in previous decades to plan a trip to a new destination, I quickly realize what a great tool the internet can be in this respect.  And, I am also grateful for our Garmin as well.  No more traveling with huge paper maps, attempting to navigate on packed roads in unfamiliar places!  Now, Lola just talks us through it, or at least she tries.  She is a good sport as we sometimes try to argue with her on the route we think is best.  Do you remember who first gave Lola her name?  Hint… it is from a movie.

Have a marvelous holiday weekend and a safe one if you are traveling!  We will be cheering on the Red Raiders, our Alma Mater, from our Rocky Mountain High destination on Saturday night as they start their football season once again before a big home crowd.

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7 thoughts on “Bucket List Trip, Coming Right Up”

    1. We made it today, and we saw the state park. Boy, did we wish we had our motor home to stay there, too. Gorgeous! We hiked a bit from the overlook on racoon trail, and we both felt the altitude. No problems, though. Headed to the National Park the next two days. So excited! Thanks again for all your helpful advice! We had no spare time today and even had to skip red rocks due to time. Fabulous lunch in Golden at a little Colombian place there! Give it a try sometime, if you can.


  1. I echo your sentiments about being thankful for the end of traveling with maps and maps and maps. I plan my routes but hardly think about them not with a GPS. Have fun and take a few pics!


      1. Isn’t it nice when your GPS never get impatient? We use to joke about when the GPS is going to blow a gasket because we decided to do something different than what she programmed for us. 🙂


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