What’s Old Is New

Dear fellow RVers, have you seen the new Winnebago Brave for 2015?

I am a big fan of retro RVs and trailers, and while we would still likely pass on this one for now, I think Winnebago may find huge success with it.  Some fellow RV friends told us about this new model while we were on our trip this past weekend to the mountains, and after Red chewed up the magazine page they gave us with all the information on it, I looked it up online and found this video.

What do you like and dislike about it?

I really like the layout of the cab, living room and kitchen areas, as it is very similar to what we presently have in our motor home but a little more functional, especially the sofa that converts several ways, even to a long table.  We also have the pull-down bed over the cab, just like they show in the video, although ours is not electric.

About the only thing I don’t like is the main bedroom configuration, but I think there is another model that has both a slide-out and a better bedroom arrangement, the 27B model.  If we happen to find one of these 27B models in good shape a few years down the road, I would definitely consider buying it, if we think we could live with a 26 foot RV instead of our 31 foot RV.  I would also prefer one of the other colors, not the Mellow Yellow.  The 27B model is so similar to our present configuration, and I think that is why I like it.  Having the shower separate from the rest of the bathroom has been so handy for us on so many occasions, especially when our son comes along on a trip.  I can see where this model is likely too small for those that travel more than we do or full-time in their RVs.

We are so happy with our present motor home, though, it may be hard to ever part with it, especially since it is completely paid in full and feels like our home away from home now.  It’s always fun to look, though!

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Author: DK

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3 thoughts on “What’s Old Is New”

  1. She’s a cutie!

    What I don’t get is Black & Gray holding tanks holding 42 gal each but Fresh water tank holding only 40 gal total. ????? What’s with that?

    I also question the 90 cu ft of storage — that’s a lot for that size chassis but maybe the pull it off…. good for them!

    No way we’re gonna fit a 27 footer but hey… lots of people do!


    1. I had not even read the more detailed information, and I agree with your point on the tanks. That is really our only complaint with our motor home now, too. I wish there was a way to let the gray water dump/overflow directly into the black water tank, as that would buy us at least another day or two when not hooked into a sewer line. And I’m not sure if we would be happy with a 27 foot RV now, even for our shorter trips. I just think that new Brave is awfully cute!


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