Holiday Weekend Rain Update

Over the long holiday weekend, we received OVER FIVE INCHES OF RAIN!!!  Add that to our pitiful .9″ that we had received in all of 2014 to date, and we are now slightly over our yearly average rainfall for this time of year for the first time in years.  For many people in a seriously drought-stricken area like ours, that is nothing short of a miracle, and most of us are still praising God for his healing rain, even after four days.  In our brief drive yesterday, I saw three separate signs that all basically said, “Thank you, God, for the rain!”  I love living in a community where so many people are willing to voice their prayers, as well as their praise.  Even a local news station reminded readers in a Facebook to post to “give thanks” for the rain, too.  A couple of naysayers tried to make an issue of that comment, but the vast majority chimed right in.

Glorious Rain

Backyard Flooding

Backyard Flooding 2

Six separate storms moved through our area over the four-day period, and the last storm on Monday evening was fast-moving and very intense.  It lasted only five minutes, but we received almost 1/2″ of rain, lots of small hail, 70 mph winds and had two very scared dogs.  We all briefly took cover in our interior bathroom, due to some low energy land spouts that literally passed right over our neighborhood and ended up doing some pretty significant damage less than a mile from our house.  Fortunately, I believe no one was hurt.

We ventured out in the car about an hour after that last storm to check on our RV at the storage place, and we saw a lot of flooding and some downed trees and power poles in the area where one of those land spouts may have briefly touched down.  I never like to see damage of any kind, but it often comes with our storms, especially this time of year.  The area around the storage place was quite flooded, but fortunately, no damage was done, and there was no flooding inside the storage area itself.

Shortly after the big storm, we let our dogs out in the backyard and ended up having a really good laugh at them.  Red, formerly Little Red who is not so little anymore, didn’t know what to think of all the standing water in our yard, as he had not seen any significant rain before this weekend.  His true colors finally had a chance to come out, as standard poodles absolutely love being in water.  He and Girly Girl both embarked on running fits, chasing each other through all of the big puddles and splashing water everywhere.  Red would also just lay down in the puddles, and he got completely soaked.  He discovered a new joy that he didn’t know even existed, and we both just laughed and laughed at both of them and their happy escapades.  Part of me wanted to join right in and splash that blessed water all over me, but common sense prevailed.  At least this time.

The weather system that brought this wonderful rain has now passed on to the east, and I will resume my daily prayers for rain once again.  While this is a very good start to hopefully making a significant dent in this horrible four-year drought, it is only a beginning.  We have a long, long way to go.  In addition to some rain, though, we have a renewed hope, and that means a lot to souls that are so very parched.

(I also have one more reason to be especially joyful this morning.  As of this morning, I have now lost 33 pounds since January.  I lost an additional five pounds over the past month, even after taking a few small liberties with my diet while on vacation.  Woo hoo!!!)

Thank you, God, for your “healing rain” that renews our land, our bodies and our spirits!

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Author: DK

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Rain Update”

    1. Thanks so much! I wish that I had gone on the diet earlier, but I’m very happy with where I am now and where things are hopefully going over the next few months. The rain was a good start, but we need so much to replenish our water sheds. I just learned that we will still be moved to the next stage of water restrictions on June 1, as one of our water sheds is still at only 60% capacity and will likely lose ground over the summer. Praying for more rain soon! 😉


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