Rain, Rain – Glorious Rain!!!

The weather forecasters finally got one right.  Up to this point in the year, we have only received .9″ of rain in our continuing drought.  Our area has been in a horrible drought since 2011, but as of this weekend, it looks like we will be getting some much-needed, slow falling, glorious rain!  Overnight, we received just under 2″ of rain at our house, and the weekend forecast shows that it will rain all the way through Monday!

And all the West Texans said… “Thank you, God!”  🙂

Praying for rain is just a given here, especially since 2011.  Along with praying for family members and a few friends every day, praying for rain is one of the continuing items on my daily prayer list.  Sometimes it has been tough to say that particular prayer, too, especially when we have gone for so long without a drop.  Today is providing a big lesson on the persistence of prayer, and I stand encouraged, and grateful, once again.

I spent some wonderful time this morning just sitting on the back porch, listening to all the birds sing their own songs of praise and watching the robins feed on a feast of worms in the backyard once again.  I could hardly keep from joining them in singing, but I didn’t want the neighbors to think I had lost my mind.  😀

My Facebook feed literally blew up this morning with praises to God for the rain, and it was wonderful to see.  Young and old were expressing their gratitude, and it made me very happy to know that others felt the sincerity of what I felt on this beautiful, wet morning.

Persistence in prayer is not an easy thing… at all.  But when that particular prayer is answered, even in part, it is a beautiful thing to behold.  This is where my heart is today… uplifted and so very thankful!  As I walk through some other “droughts” in my life, I can stand on the assurance that God indeed hears my prayers and will act in His perfect timing.  I just need to keep the faith.

I have been singing this song (in my head) all morning… and maybe in the shower… and the kitchen. 😉  May it also be a blessing to you today where you are struggling in your own heart.

We will most definitely continue to pray for rain, even after this most welcome rain event.  It will take a lot of rain to turn around this horrible drought, but for now, several small communities in our area will hopefully get a reprieve on their immediate water issues, as some of them were down to less than 90 days of water.

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Author: DK

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11 thoughts on “Rain, Rain – Glorious Rain!!!”

    1. I’ve really learned a lot about living in drought conditions the past few years and how it really can take a toll on me in other ways. We’ve had over a month of sandstorm days this spring alone, and that is the most we’ve ever had in a spring season – ever. The larger need is just for the rain itself, but the other need for me, and I think some others as well, is the emotional relief that comes along when God finally sends this huge blessing our way. The timing of this particular rain is pretty amazing, as was shared on our newscast earlier today, particularly for the farmers. It makes me realize more and more to just depend on God and his timing and not my own desires, along with persistence in prayer, even when the going gets hard. 😉


  1. A lot of comments on the rain, but my mind is on continuance in prayer. Continuing IS important. There are times that it’s important to show how important something is to us. I know there was one thing I prayed about almost 25 years before the request was answered. I think God figured it was something I really wanted. And like you it’s easy to forget about other things — and maybe we just don’t care that much about those.


    1. I’ve prayed for many people and things in the decades of my life, but praying desperately for water has brought an entirely new realization to me. Not everything we need in life to sustain us is a given. We must have water to live in these human bodies. Not sure how many people will ever get that privilege to do such a thing, but I am blessed to say that I have and will continue to do so. Seeing the prayer answered is a bit different than praying for some other things, for sure. It gives me a slight sense of how some of my ancestors must have felt as they came by covered wagon to this land for the first time over a century ago. Surely, they were very dependent on God and his mercy to just sustain them. We are no different today.


      1. Such basic things as water are so easy to take for granted. Prayer really does change things… but often the thing it changes most is: US.


  2. D, I sent you an email via your blog email address regarding the (in)courage group. I’m hoping you got it as it details what you need to do to join the group. Let me know. I really want you to be a part of this! 🙂


    1. I just found one from Susan and replied to it with the email address I prefer to use for the group, along with my full name on Facebook. Hopefully she (or you) will get it shortly. If not, please let me know. Thanks again!


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