A Wonderful Vacation

We returned from our vacation yesterday afternoon and wasted no time in picking up our special four-legged family members who were very glad to see us after being gone for a week.  In a small way, seeing the excitement of our special pups once again made coming home a little easier to tolerate after such an incredibly fun and memorable vacation.  The trip started off a little rocky for me, due to an upset stomach on the day we flew to Kauai, but thankfully, it passed quickly.  I won’t deny that I was quite miserable on our flights that day, though.

Big Sur
Big Sur near Ragged Point

The weather was gorgeous every day of our trip in both Kauai and California, and despite the fact that we stayed in six different hotels in seven nights, we really had a great time and don’t feel too terribly tired now that we are finally home once again.  We made the most of our time in both places, while still enjoying some nice down time in Hawaii, too.  My birthday was last Friday, and it was fabulous to spend the first part of the day in Hawaii, then fly to San Francisco where my daughter and her hubby were waiting for us at the airport that night.  We all made a road trip to Big Sur on Saturday and Sunday, which was a lot of fun.  We stayed at a beautiful place on Saturday night that had some outstanding views of the ocean and cliffs, and we also celebrated my birthday with a gourmet meal that evening.  We even got to hike for a couple of hours at a beautiful state park there on Sunday afternoon, which we all definitely enjoyed.

Nenes (endangered) on our lanai in Kauai

As always, good vacations are just too short, and this was definitely the case for us on this trip.  I would really love to just spend about a month in Kauai and now have that goal as a little “bucket list” thing that perhaps we can do after we retire in years down the road.

Hanalei Valley
Beautiful Hanalei Valley at Princeville

I will try to share more information about our trip and some of the beautiful sites soon.  Kauai was not a new destination for us, as we have now been there three times, and hopefully this will not be our last time either because I dearly love Kauai.  However, Big Sur was a new destination for us and one that we truly loved, too.  Our daughter and her husband go there often, and it was nice to have such knowledgeable “tour guides” to drive and tell us all about the area.  But more than that, it was just nice to simply spend some quality time with them again.

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Author: DK

Blogger at My Five Fs (Faith - Family - Food - Fotos - Fun) and Animal Wonder. Empty-nester that now shares life with my hubby and our two standard poodles. Enjoys camping in our RV, taking and editing photos, trying new low-carb recipes, baking pretty decorated cookies for special occasions, walking daily, spending time with family and friends when we can, playing with the dogs, and is grateful to God for every single day of this blessed life and for the opportunity to share and connect with some great people here.

5 thoughts on “A Wonderful Vacation”

  1. The photos are wonderful! And the trip sound like your enjoyed every minute!
    I got to the line about 6 hotels in 7 nights and I was reminded of the way we used to travel — and glad I don’t have to rush about that much any more. I loved it when we had no choice but am delighted I don’t have to do that any more.
    Welcome back!


    1. It sounds worse than it was, actually. The Big Sur tour in California is what necessitated the “hotels on the road,” but it was so worth it. We were pretty much in place while in Kauai, and only opted for a hotel closer to the airport on the night we arrived, which turned out to be a great thing, as I was sick on the flight over there and sure didn’t feel like driving another hour to the place where we would stay during the rest of our time there. We are most definitely spoiled to RV travel, but we also enjoyed our great hotels/resorts on this trip for a change, too. 😉


      1. The wonderful part about this world is that there is room for all and any sort. Peg and I have done plenty of trips like yours. When time was of the essence we did what we had to. Now that time is our own to spend as we choose the options are ours and not the travel agent’s.

        Have never been to Kauai ourselves. Did visit Hawaii on my way to Australia but our stay was short. Would love to return.

        I too am not a great flyer.

        Then again I’m not a great resort goer either. But then that’s why we opted for the RV life. We can still visit wonderful places. And we can do it low key.

        The big thing is that you enjoyed yourselves. One of the reasons that we have never traveled with another couple is that we have always found it hard to find people who’s travel choices were the same as ours.

        Enjoying travel is what it’s all about; as long as you enjoyed YOURSELF, that’s all that matters. 🙂


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