Christmas Recap and Camping Plans

We had a nice Christmas this year, but I will admit that I’m glad that life is soon going to return to normal once again.  I enjoyed the two Christmas Eve church services that we attended more than anything else this year, especially the midnight service that we have not been to in many years.  It was so special to come out of the service at midnight to the beautiful sound of the cathedral bells tolling outside.  Our son did not get off from work in time to go to our usual service at 5 pm, so we went to the midnight service with him and took my mom to the earlier service, which was jam-packed once again but as beautiful as always.

We had some great food to eat again this year, as we cooked another turkey with Alton Brown’s famous recipe, along with my own homemade dressing for our big dinner on Christmas night.  I’ve only made dressing for about the past five years, but it is so good and easy that I doubt I ever buy the frozen stuff again.  I added some diced mushrooms to it this year, and everyone really liked it a lot.  My sister and her husband joined us for a snack supper on Christmas Eve, which included a honey-glazed ham, sliced cheeses, Parmesan bread and some other munchies.  For Christmas brunch, just before opening our gifts, we had our usual scrambled eggs and sausage toasts, along with the Harry and David pears that our daughter and her husband sent us.  It was a great food lineup, for sure, even before all the cookies that adorned our snack table for several days.

Hubby surprised me with a set of Beats Executive headphones, something that was not even on my “gift radar.”

Beats Executive
My New Beats Executive Headphones

Now that I’ve had a few days to try them out, I realize that I’ve missed out on some amazing sound quality by just using my regular ear buds with my iPod.  These headphones are awesome, especially when I select a good preset or tweak the equalizer for the songs that I listen to as well.  The only downside to these headphones is the fact that the noise cancellation feature must be on at all times or the headphones will not work.  At lower volumes, such as listening to an audiobook, the slight buzz of the noise cancellation can still be heard, too.  For that reason, I will just continue to use my ear buds when listening to an audiobook.  Otherwise, these headphones are great for listening to all of my music, and that is an understatement!  Hubby did very good this year.  😉

Of course, our real Christmas gift will be arriving in less than two weeks.  We will be getting our new standard poodle puppy, and we still have not picked a name for him.  Right now, we just call him Little Red, but we really need to decide on a name before we pick him up.  Hopefully we can finally decide on a name while we are on vacation next week.

We are making a camping checklist once again today, and checking it twice, for sure.  I’m so excited to soon be on the road in the RV once again, as we will be headed out for an entire week of vacation on Monday.  Our son will be joining us on this trip, which is nice because his birthday is next Saturday.  We have something pretty neat in mind to celebrate his birthday, too.  Another couple will also meet up with us on Thursday for the rest of the week, which should be fun.  We have not been camping with them before, so we are looking forward to having them join us on this trip.

Our camping trips right after Christmas the past two years have been among the most enjoyable trips that we have made in the RV.  I think we are just so ready to get away and relax after all the holiday hype, and it has been such a great thing for us to do, even though we are actually leaving a few days later than usual this year.  We actually like the cooler weather, with highs in the 50’s and 60’s and lows in the 30’s.  That is pretty much perfect camping weather for us, it seems, and it makes for some great hiking to exercise off the cookies that I’ve been eating lately.  Hopefully, we will have some excellent star-gazing opportunities on this trip, too, since we will have dark skies at night while we are gone.  I even cooked our black-eyed peas today so that they will be ready to just reheat and eat on New Year’s Day.  We have always eaten black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day, even when we were kids, and we are not about to break that long-standing tradition.

Black-Eyed Peas, before cooking

I hope you had a great Christmas this year, and I wish you all the best for the new year!

D Reindeer_sm

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Recap and Camping Plans”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when we are gifted something we didn’t even know we wanted? D2 gave me some nordicware colored spatulas…they are so pliable and scoop up every bit, not to mention the lovely colors.
    My best friend (a retired French teacher) is a trainer for standard poodles…let’s see…there was Coco, Brie, Pepper, Bagel, Bialie (the hole of a bagel)…as long as I have known her…decades she has raised generations of poodles. Good luck in choosing the perfect name.
    Happy New Year and happy camping!


    1. It is fun to receive a really neat gift that we don’t expect, I think. I really didn’t have a list of things that I wanted this year anyway, so that left the door open for a surprise, I guess. We are going to keep working on puppy names this week while we are gone, and hopefully the right name will present itself to us. Those are all cute names, too. 😉 Hope you have a very Happy New Year!


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