Last House Payment

As of 2:22 pm today, we are now home owners, free and clear of the mortgage on our “real” home after 20+ years.  I cannot even begin to say how awesome this feeling is and how very blessed I feel today.

As I walked in the door after returning home from the sending off the wire transfer at our bank, it really hit me that we now own this beautiful place for the very first time on our own and that I will no longer be making a house payment on the last day of each month.  I’m already loving this new feeling of security, too.  Security is a very good thing.  So, I guess it’s pretty obvious what I am grateful for today.  😉

A song also came to mind again for me today.  I’ve had two real homes in my life, my parents’ home where I lived for over 20 years, and the home I live in now, where I have lived just under 30 years now.  (My husband and I owned a starter home for five years before this one, but we knew it was only a short-term residence for us.)  As I have thought about the best way to commemorate this landmark day, my thoughts have gone back to all of the many precious memories we have in this home.  We raised two kids, three dogs and two adults – my husband and myself.  We all grew up right here in this home together.  Every room is full of memories, and I hope we can add many more memories here before we decide one day that it is time to move on elsewhere, either by need or by choice.

This song by Miranda Lambert kind of sums up where my heart is today.  Even though I grew up during my childhood days in my parents’ home, I have also grown up so much in our home, too.  My feelings about both houses are pretty much the same, but I will admit that I will be much sadder on the day that we leave this home, I think.  Hopefully, it will be awhile before that day comes.

The House That Raised Me – Miranda Lambert

Evening update:  And just for the record of what a fabulous day this was, it was also the twelfth anniversary of something very special for our family, which shall remain private, but nonetheless a big deal.  Our son-in-law got a new and better job which he will start in less than two weeks, and I also spent the morning and lunchtime with my sweet aunt that lives two hours away.  She is the last living aunt that I have, and what a special treat it was to spend time with both her and my mother today talking over good family times of years gone by and sharing an early Thanksgiving lunch that I managed to prepare on short notice.

Feeling very blessed today indeed.

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Author: DK

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