New Phone – HTC EVO

Well, while I may be a little late to the EVO party, I’m glad I have finally arrived!

I upgraded from my HTC Hero a few days ago, and so far, I am very impressed with my new HTC EVO.  I learned to appreciate Android for the first time with my Hero, but that phone was so horribly laggy that I finally had to just give it up and just keep it on hand as a backup if I need it down the road, since Sprint was only willing to give me $17 for it on trade-in… a phone that is barely a year old.  One other thing I found out… Sprint downgraded their Premier program on April 1.  To received the full upgrade pricing on a new phone now, you must be a Sprint customer for 10 years.  Customers for less than ten years only receive a $75

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like a phone as large as the EVO, but after using it for three days, that fear is gone.  In fact, using my iPod Touch now makes it feel like a miniature device until I use it for a bit.  But, I still enjoy using my iPod Touch, too.  Having an iPod Touch and an EVO certainly seems like having the best of both worlds from a mobile technology standpoint, and if I was willing to part with $30 more each month, I could even use my EVO as a mobile hotspot, too.  Right now, though, that is not really necessary.

I didn’t even need to have the folks at the Sprint store transfer my contacts to my new phone because I already had them all in my Google contacts.  In fact, I asked them to not transfer anything and just let the Google sync transfer them.  It worked like a charm, as well as transferring all of my calendar information, too.  It was the most seamless phone transition for me to date.  All of my information was there in my new phone before I left the store.

The only slight issue I’ve had is not with the phone, but in the 4G coverage in my area.  It seems that our house sits right in a tiny 4G “hole.”  Supposedly 4G coverage will improve for us in about 90 days, according to tech support.  I certainly hope so.  Sprint’s call-in customer support continues to be top-notch for me, even if I often have to ask to speak to a supervisor.  Once at that next level of support for issues like this, I have never been disappointed.  They can’t help that I live in a 4G “hole,” but they did what they could and got me the answer I needed for now.   As far as a 4G review… sorry.  Looks like I’m out of luck for now on that front.  I’ll have to test it out elsewhere sometime.

I have played with iPhones that friends and family members have, and I think the EVO is as good, if not better in a few respects, than their iPhones.  I could certainly be happy with either one, but right now, I would keep my EVO over their iPhones because of the home screens that can be customized any way I want.  The live wallpaper is also a fun touch that the iPhone does not have right now, too.  My EVO is very fast, unlike my former Hero that was so laggy that I was tempted to just throw it against a wall at times out of frustration.  The EVO screen is crystal clear and vivid, even after I put a Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector on it.

The other important feature to me is the 8 megapixel camera.  My Hero’s camera was less than desirable, for sure.  I have wanted a decent mobile camera for a long time, and now I have one.  While EVO also has a smaller forward facing camera, I don’t really see me using it too much.  It is just a nice little extra to have if I ever need it.  To enhance my mobile photos even more, I also downloaded Photoshop mobile, Little Photo and Vignette.  Photoshop is good for some very basic edits, while Little Photo and Vignette offer some great enhancements that are not gimmicky like some of the other photo apps.  I will also patiently wait for Instagram to make its way to Android, too.  I hope it is available soon.

My photo apps for the EVO with the aquarium live wallpaper running in the background

For now, I have opted to try to get by with the original camera battery and not buy the extended life battery, which is about $60.  The extended battery is huge and adds more weight to the phone, and there are presently no covers that will fit on the phone while using that battery.  I knew in advance that this phone sucks the battery pretty badly, so I’m aware that I’m going to have to work with that situation more in the future.  I will likely go ahead and buy a second (regular) battery for it, and I already have the car charger and a second wall plug for convenience.  I also plan to keep Wifi, GPS and some other battery draining features turned off unless I need them, including some of the automatic syncing capabilities.

I’m still researching apps in the Android Market, but I think I’m just about done with setting my up new EVO.  It really is a great phone!  I will be quite happy to use it for the next two years!


Author: DK

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