I Love Autumn & Photoshop Elements 9!

I just adore Autumn!  After enduring the heat of summer, it is literally a breath of fresh, cool air again!  It seems the older I get, the less I like the hot, hot days of summer.  I much prefer the more moderate seasons of Autumn and Spring now.  It is tolerable to take the dog for a walk again, and I don’t risk burning to death when I get in my car after a shopping excursion to the mall or the grocery store.  Pumpkins are everywhere, and the holidays are just on the horizon.  Colors are beginning to burst forth in the trees, and people seem to generally be in a much better humor.  Football makes a comeback, which can be a good or not-so-good thing, depending on whether or not my team is winning.   I guess it is a not-so-good thing for me this year because my teams are losing… big time.  Don’t get me started… ;-).  But, I still love Autumn… really, really love it.

Recently, I also upgraded to Adobe Photoshop Elements 9… on my new laptop, of course.  (See earlier post.)  I missed several previous upgrades to Elements, so this is a real treat for me.  After getting things up and running with PSE9, I am now on the hunt for some updated action sets, brushes and textures on the web.  Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) has some nice action sets that I have already downloaded, and I am also checking out some sets from The Coffee Shop Blog.

If you know of some nice downloads for Elements on the web, preferably free at this point because I am now saving my pennies for a cruise in December, please let me know.  No, I am not letting the fire on the Carnival Splendor scare me off of the cruise.  I seriously need a vacation right now.  Despite how much I love Autumn, I’m ready to get out-of-town and take a little break from the real world.

I still use my first generation Lightroom software, too.  I really love that program, too… almost as much as I love Autumn.  But I must admit that I think I am a bit partial to Elements right now.  It’s nice to have both, though.


Author: DK

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