Wordless Wednesday – Baking Cookies

Oatmeal Lace Cookies

Tangy Lemon Glazed Cookies

Christmas Snickerdoodle Cookies

D Reindeer_sm

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11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Baking Cookies

  1. Can I come to your house? I’ll bring coffee, wine, tea whatever. Your cookies look delicious! BTW – I laughed and thought of you the other day when I started to type and looked down and my keyboard was covered in powdered sugar! I’d been eating pfeffernusse.

    • Sure, just come on. Just bring hazelnut coffee when you come. I’m actually thinking of making some pfeffernusse cookies for the first time, but I don’t know if I’m going to have time or not. I am running about a week late on everything this year, it seems, and I totally blame it on Thanksgiving being so late this year. Will likely be baking cookies through Saturday or Sunday, which is ok because I do enjoy it. :-)

  2. Alas…I used to bake at least one recipe a day coming full circle and baking ones I had to replenish. Trying to keep up. Your cookies look delish and festive. Thank you for the inspiration and stopping by to encourage this morning.

    • Thanks for the kind comments. I really enjoy baking for Christmas. Many of these are for cookie platter gifts for elderly family and friends that can’t bake anymore, but we will certainly keep some around for our own Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebration, too. Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

  3. One of the many things I missed now during the holidays is the baking of cookies…And your colorful cookies made me droll.

    • Thanks for those nice comments! It was nice to find a couple of new cookie recipes this year to add to our favorites. I need to really hike a lot this next week while we go camping to work them off, too!

  4. Well, you succeeded. I’m hungry now. THANKS A LOT.

    Seriously though… the LOOK wonderful. And I AM hungry now.

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